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House of Cinema Moscow

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Dedo Weigert Film and the RGC – Russian Guild of Cinematographers, who for years now organize a common lighting and camera seminar, have again successfully held a further event in 2016.

On March 16th 2016 Dedo Weigert (CEO of  Dedo Weigert Film and manufacturer of the world famous and rewarded dedolight precision lighting instruments) and his team, were invited to the House of Cinema, the residence of the RGC – Russian Guild of Cinematographers for a professional lighting and camera training.

The approximately 200 visitors consisting of professional cameraman and members of the RGC, gaffers, independent production companies, directors, students and interested equipment dealers were presented a full spectrum of modern and efficient camera support systems and camera accessories and lighting equipment.

For the very first time the TILTA Armor-Man was presented in front of such a professional variety of industry representatives in Moscow. The Tilta Armor-Man was one of the „hits of the day“. The exoskeleton-system, that allows to work in an unprecedented comfort in combination with heavy and bulky gimbals,  was demonstrated live on stage in combination with a camera mounted on a gimbal.

The live presentation of of the Dedo-team caused a lot of attention and astonishment, because such systems, were known only from the internet before. The demo showed how easily and comfortably the adjustments of each mechanical ankle is done on the Armor-Man causing serious support for the cameraman holding the weight of the camera and gimbal in front of his chest.

The Russian audience was impressed not only by the stability and mechanical accuracy of the Armor-Man system, but also the price-performance ratio…

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