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Founded in 2010, Tilta has always been committed to providing high-quality photography and cinematography equipment.

As an ambitious start-up, we have expanded our product line from accessory kits for DSLRs to now fully supporting industry-leading cinema cameras. Through this process, Tilta has evolved from a manufacturer to an integrated solution provider, excelling in wireless lens control, camera cages, gimbal support systems, shock-absorbing car-mounts, etc.

Based in Shenzhen, widely known as China’s Silicon Valley, Tilta was born with a global scale in mind. Shortly after our first flag was planted in North America, Tilta Inc., quickly started to see impressive results. Our US Headquarters prides itself in being one of the go-to film production resources for Hollywood and Independent filmmakers.

Our work with the ASC Clubhouse has brought us many opportunities to collaborate with local high-end production teams in the US. As a result of this partnership, we are able to get an inside look behind the scenes of large scale productions, gain insight into different sectors of the entertainment industry, and build upon our foundation to always improve our products and support the needs of working professionals.

At the global level, our collaborations with distinguished cinematographers have allowed us to refine our products with their experiences and suggestions in mind. We hope that our small steps can lead to large leaps forward for the entire industry.

After years of tireless work, Tilta’s electronic control accessories broke into the Hollywood market in 2016. In the same year, Tilta Inc. was founded and its Los Angeles showroom opened in April 2017.

2020 was a year unlike any other. Many parts of our industry have changed, but Tilta has continued to push forward and support the needs of our film community as they confront new challenges brought on by the pandemic. With a steady release of new products, Tilta was able to help users do more with less and create high-end visuals with smaller crews in order to stay within Covid production restrictions. Whether it’s the Hydra Alien car mounting system and customizable RED Komodo accessories kit, or the DJI RS 2 ecosystem, every new release from Tilta sparks the users’ imagination, leading to endless creativity and possibility.

Among them, the Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System gives users the same flexibility and movement as the far more expensive traditional Steadicam systems, previously only seen on big-budget sets.

The Hydra Alien charted a revolutionary path by offering an accessible car-mounting solution for consumer-grade mirrorless cameras which leveled the playing field for every filmmaker.

Tilta has never stopped its pursuit of constant improvement, innovative design, and high-quality products.

We are still on the road.

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