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Support Nucleus-M Firmware

Tiltamax Nucleus-M Firmware Update 20.04.24 Last modified 06/03/24

Nucleus-M: Wireless Lens Control SystemMultiple bugs have been fixed and software reliability has been improved. Read below for details on the update, watch our video tutorial, and let us know if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: the most up to date firmware for each unit is as follows:

FIZ Unit: 20.04.24
Hand Grips:
Motors: 18.12.19

Download Nucleus-M firmware

Version 20.04.24 — Available via Google Drive. NOTE: Please download one file at a time from the Google Drive as it can corrupt the files if downloaded all at once through a .zip file”

NOTE: Files will auto-delete from the unit when installed. If updating multiple units,
you will need to download multiple files. 

18.12.19 Changelog

  1. Calibration has been optimized to more accurately map the endpoints of your lens which prevents the motor from stopping short of infinity or close focus.
  2. When calibrating, the motor will now adjust its torque when nearing a hard stop to avoid unnecessary stress on the gears of your lens.
  3. The motor will now be able to recalibrate after a calibration error by holding down the CH- Button instead of needing to power cycle the motor.

20.04.24 New features

  1. Introducing the EZ mode. EZ Mode will help you link all of the devices to the same channel automatically.
  2. Save lens calibration data when you switch batteries.
  3. The whole system will function under one channel but will also maintain the original channel logic. (Separate channels)
  4. It will enable a 4th motor option.
  5. The Run/Stop glitched issue is fixed.
  6. The Zoom speed will be saved when the Iris knob is set to “0”.
  7. The motor LOW TORQUE firmware is also included.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Connect FIZ unit to your computer via a USB cable, you will find a TILTA drive.
  2. Drag either the FIZ, MOTOR1, MOTOR2, HANDLE1, HANDLE2 file into the TILTA drive.
  3. NOTE: adding more than one file at a time can cause issues when updating. Please transfer and update each file one at a time.
  4. Unplug the cable and recycle the power of FIZ unit.
  5. For FIZ upgrade, go MENU-SYSTEM-UPDATE, it will show V18.04.23, press OK to finish the upgrade for the FIZ.
  6. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the handles do not have batteries inside them. The FIZ unit will provide the power needed to upgrade.
  7. For handles, connect one handle with the FIZ by 7pin to 7pin motor cable. go MENU-SYSTEM-UPDATE on FIZ. It will show UPGRADE JOYSTICK, press OK to finish the upgrade for this handle. Repeat the steps for another handle.
  8. For motors, connect one motor with the FIZ by 7pin to 7pin motor cable. go MENU-SYSTEM-UPDATE on FIZ. It will show UPGRADE T03M, press OK to finish the upgrade for this motor. Repeat the steps for the second motor until the FIZ shows NO FIRMWARE.
  9. If you have a third motor, repeat step 1 and drag only the MOTOR1 file into the drive again, then repeat step 6.

Upgrade Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure that the handles do not have batteries inside them while updating the handles.
  2. If the computer doesn’t read the FIZ, please try with another cable.
  3. If you see the ERROR! during upgrading, please try another motor cable and also make sure the battery is charged.
  4. Make sure the upgrade file matches the part. If you mistakenly upgrade the motor with handle file which shows UPGRADE JOYSTICK, please reload the motor file into the motor. Vice versa to the handle.
  5. If you put more than 5 files in the drive in the same time, it might cause incorrect display.
  6. This firmware should fix majority interference which caused by human error, if you still have interference issues, please contact , we will do our best to fix for you.
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