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Support Nucleus Nano II Firmware

Nucleus Nano II Firmware Changelog Last modified 12/24/23

Version 231221

Hand wheel-M upgraded to the latest version (231221)
Motor-M upgraded to the latest version (231215)
Motor-S upgraded to the latest version (231215)

Hand Wheel Upgrade Changes
  • Addition: BlackMagic camera APP control functions (FOCUS, ZOOM, REC)
  • Addition: Wi-Fi control function for KOMODO 6K camera (Public testing phase. Connection method ->Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot on KOMODO 6K. Connect the hand wheel Wi-Fi to the KOMODO Wi-Fi hotspot. Once connected, proceed with the control.)
  • Addition: Joystick dead zone setting function. Settings -> Joystick Speed -> Joystick Calibration (Note: If there is an issue with automatic changes in the joystick, please adjust the joystick dead zone to an appropriate size.)——addressing the adjustment function for the hand wheel joystick
  • Addition: Hand wheel and DJI motor compatibility (Connect via adapter. Note: Go through Calibration -> All to calibrate DJI motor.)
  • Modification: Increased startup vibration time for the hand wheel. Increased shutdown vibration time.
  • Modification: After the hand wheel upgrade and subsequent version upgrade, the automatic restart changed to a manual restart by the user. (It is recommended to manually restart immediately after subsequent upgrades.)——Note: User synchronization is required.
  • Restore: Known bug where some hand wheels experience black screen when clicking on the lens list after upgrade.
Motor Upgrade Changes
  • Optimization: The motor will stop automatically after rotating 100 turns if there is no limit during automatic calibration.
  • Optimization: Addressed the issue of rapid motor reversal when switching motors.
  • Optimization: Increased motor torque for compatibility with high-damping lenses
  • Addition: Pressing the button 5 times within 5 seconds, the motor will switch to channel 0. Designed to work with the Nucleus M left and right handles.
  • Addition: Support Nucleus M left and right handles control. The channel needs to be adjusted to channel 0.

Version 231103

Handwheel-M upgraded to the latest version (231103)
Handwheel-S upgraded to the latest version (231025)
Motor-M upgraded to the latest version (231025)
Motor-S upgraded to the latest version (231026)
Handle (if any) upgraded to the latest version, with handle firmware version (v1.23), and the latest handwheel version (231024)

Handwheel Upgrades
  • Add prompt content during motor upgrade to guide users through the process
  • Add WiFi connection memory, displaying the connected WiFi name after connection
  • Fix the problem of the handwheel battery indicator not displaying full
  • Add language selection interface after the first reset of the handwheel to factory settings
  • Optimize the handwheel’s control of motor stability
  • Fix the issue of a slight delay in the motor when the record button on the handwheel is pressed
  • Adapt the handle connection function
  • Add handwheel system restart function in the system menu
Motor Upgrade Changes
  • Optimize the motor’s power consumption
  • Enhance the smoothness of motor rotation
  • Fix the problem of motor interference in complex environments

Note: If after the upgrade, issues occur such as handwheel button failure or inability to operate, please execute the “Handwheel Restart” option in the system menu.

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