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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings

Model No. ESR-T06-A

Arm your camera with this Tilta cage made exclusively for the ARRI ALEXA MINI.


The Tilta for Arri Alexa Mini rig features an inner cable control system. This industry leading technology allows for the back-clip power supply (ESR-P02) to provide power to four different output surfaces via electrical touch point – no wires – though cage itself to: the top plate, the top handle, the battery plate, and the camera. The top plate and top handle can be built up with additional expansible power output options like the Top Plate Power Module* (ESM-01) and the Top Handle Power Module* (ESP-01) for powering via LEMO and FISCHER 14.8V.  The cage is CNC-milled from high quality aluminum and is coated with an ultra durable anodic-oxidation surface treatment and all locking screws are made out of  titanium-alloy. With this versatile design, you can protect your Arri Alexa Mini and configure accessories in a way that is both lightweight and professional. When using the custom Tilta Lightweight Side Battery Plate** (ESR-P01), the Alexa Mini becomes perfectly modulated for flying on the Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal – even while accompanied with large zoom lenses.

*Each 2-pin and 3-pin port has a maximum output of 2 AMPS; meanwhile the entire top handle/plate module distributes a maximum of 6 AMPS

**Only battery voltage provided

(1) Top Handle
(1) 15mm Top Rod Adapter
(1) 15mm Lightweight Baseplate
(1) Base Connection Plate Camera Armor
(1) Long Top Plate Camera Armor
(2) Side Arm Brackets
(1) EVF holder (ARRI standard interface)
(1) EVF holder (dual rods)
(1) EVF holder (single rod)
(1) Standard Battery Plate (ESR-P02)
(1) Battery plate rod adapter
(2) 15mm – 150mm Aluminum rods
(2) 15mm – 200mm Aluminum rods
(2) 15mm – 300mm Aluminum rods
(2) 15mm Rod Connection Screws


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