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red komodo camera rig configuration list

RED KOMODO Kit Configurations


Learn about the different pre-configured kits we will be offering for the RED KOMODO, along with the individual parts for creating or adding to your camera rig. Look for online orders to start next month.

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  1. I would love to be able to only buy the side part of the cage for my upcoming Stormtrooper KOMODO. Those would be my favourite. But honestly I wouldn’t use the full cage a lot.

    1. +2.
      I would also love to keep the camera as minimal for a great single handmade artistry docu style shoot.

  2. This is very impressive. Fantastic options. Do you know if the cage will be compatible with the Kippertie Revolva? Being able to integrate that RF to PL adaptor from Kippertie would be an ideal setup. Also what is the power out from the battery handle? Seems like a good solution to power a monitor or Teradek Tx.

  3. is the ta-t08-bsp a dovetail base plate and if so what standard? I would love an arri style baseplate as it lines up with everything I already have.

  4. Hello! Love the cage. Will the RED extension module be able to attach correctly to the bottom with full camera cage?

  5. Hi, the “TA-T08-BPV” 

Dual Canon BP to V Adapter Battery Plate looks great. But will it be possible to flip the orientation of the battery plate on it, to either a vertical or reversed orientation?

    With the current design, if the operator is working from the normal, left-hand side of the camera, their body (if it presses up against the battery) would be applying pressure against the v-mount locking mechanism, which isn’t strong at all.

    In a reversed (or vertical orientation), any pressure that might be applied against the battery whilst operating, won’t be pushing the battery out of it’s electrical contacts (which could potentially be disastrous if it happened mid-take). In a reversed orientation, you only be pushing the battery in towards the electrical contacts, which won’t give way, and are much safer.

  6. Could you make an advanced Power distribution module TA-T08-APM with HDMI output?
    A lot of us would love to buy it.

  7. Would be nice too make the top handle nato friendly.
    This would be a dream setup with my easy rig mini. We always need to slide the top handle a little to achieve perfect balance. With the currently options its impossible.

    i would also make a change for a perfecly nato rail as a “top plate” , with a couple of 1/4 screws for cine arm and monitor. I already have a Tilta nato top handle.

    The base plate can be minimal as well. With screw holes to atach a height adjustable LW 15mm.
    For me as a hand camera dude , its crucial to have the possibility to use wrist or the palm of my hand to make pressure on the rods while i focus with my fingers. It gives my a lot of stability.

    and the righ side , i already have a wooden hand grip from the a7iii cage. its not useable whem you add the rosette on the botton part.

    in my perspective , this would be a more hand compact portable nature expedtion light weight setup camera. Is not suposed to be full rigged only classical super sized giant follow focus camera with an gigantic EVF , 35 cables , hahahaha

    but the design is awesome.
    thanks tilta.

  8. Hey Tilta. Love to know if you will be making a dual canon BP to GOLD Mount power adaptor?

  9. will the full cage be compatible with the kippertie revolva? It looks like the part on the top is intruding out and would block the revolva

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