Suction Disc Shock Absorption Cradle Head


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Model No. TCM-C01

This mount allows for the Tiltamax Gravity to be stabilized while on a fast moving vehicle via 4 industrial suction cups.


Introducing the Tiltamax Suction Disc Cradle Head. This is a high quality four point precision suction mounting device. Each suction cup can hold a capacity of 30kg or 66lbs. Utilizing Rosette based articulating extension arms, adjusting of the cup feet is easy and convenient for numerous and different shaped surfaces. The shock absorption cradle head was designed to be used the Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis gimbal; however, the head can also be made compatible with most 3-axis gimbal systems currently on the market. A battery plate on the underside of the plate allows for convenient compact powering of additional accessories such as the Tiltamax wireless video transmitter or Nucleus-M follow focus system.

(4) Suction Cups
(4) Two-way and Extendable Articulating Rosette Arms
(1) Vertical Shock Absorbing Gravity Mounting Plate
(1) Battery Plate (Specify Gold or V-mount)
(1) Gravity Mounting Adapter



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