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Pogo-to-Lemo Adapter for RED DSMC2


In stock


This adapter attaches to the side Pogo connection of your Red DSMC2 camera to give you a 16-pin Lemo connection which will allow you to use a Red DSMC1 monitor on your DSMC2 camera via a Lemo-to-Lemo cable.

  1. (1) Tilta Pogo-to-Lemo Adapter for Red DSMC2
  2. (2) Connection screws

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel

Optional Accessories

  • Pogo-to-Lemo Cable for Red DSMC2

    Pogo-to-Lemo Cable for Red DSMC2

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  • Pogo-to-Pogo Cable for RED DSMC2

    Pogo-to-Pogo Cable for RED DSMC2

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