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Gravity G Series Accessory Mounting Bracket


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Use this custom rosette mounting bracket with 360 degree rotation to position accessories out of the camera’s way. The bracket is designed with utmost flexibly. Five ¼”-20 holes and two ¼”-20 slots help to optimize the surface area of the plate to mount accessories like transmitters or custom Gravity G series distribution boxes.

  1. (1) Arri Standard Rosette hand tightening screw
  2. (1) Bracket plate with 360 swivel mount
  3. (2) 1.91cm long ¼”-20 slots
  4. (5) ¼”-20 screw holes
  5. (2) ¼”-20 hand tightening screw for securing accessories


  • Length: 9.53cm
  • Height: 3.18cm (Rosette), 0.635cm (Plate)
  • Width: 6.67cm

Color: Black
Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel