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Gravity G Series Monitor Bracket

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This custom monitor bracket is designed to attach to one of the rosette connections on the side of the Gravity G1, G2, and G2X gimbals to provide an easy way to mount a monitor to your setup. It features 360 degree rotation to allow you to position the screen to always face you regardless of the camera angle. The built in ¼”-20 slot and two ¼”-20 holes allow you to mount your monitor from above or below the bracket with adjustable space to reach buttons and ports if needed. Two cold shoe mounts are included on the bracket as well, allowing you to attach additional accessories.

  1. (1) Arri Standard Rosette with hand tightening screw
  2. (1) Monitor bracket arm with 360 swivel mount
  3. (2) Cold shoe mounts
  4. (1) 6.35cm long ¼”-20 slot
  5. (1) ¼”-20 hand tightening screw for securing monitor
  6. (2) ¼”-20 screw holes
  7. (1) ⅜”-16 screw hole

Weight: 0.273 lbs

  • Length: 16.51cm
  • Height: 5.08cm
  • Width: 2.86

Color: Black
Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel

Optional Accessories

  • Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System

    Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System

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  • Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System

    Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System

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  • Gravity G Series Rosette Mount Splitter

    Gravity G Series Rosette Mount Splitter

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