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Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2
Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2
dji rs2 advanced ring grip
Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2
Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2
Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2

Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2


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Tilta Ecosystem for DJI RS 2 Film

Product Overview

custom design for dji rs2

Custom Design for DJI RS2

Carbon fiber multi-functional ring grip. Supports dual-handed remote control of the gimbal and the camera.

lens control with zero delay

Lens Control with Zero Delay

Left handle supports Nucleus series lens control motors. Easily control focus and zoom to get smoother images.

flexible operation

Flexible Operation

Right handle controls gimbal and mode settings, as well as the record and photo functions of the camera.

power supply handle

Constant Power Supply Equals More Productivity

A top handle bracket allows you to use the DJI RS 2 battery grip to provide power to your gimbal.

space for accessories

Reserved Space for Accessories

Reserved space for ARRI standard locating pins and cold shoes. Supports on-board monitor, microphone, and phone.

external power supply using batteries

External Power Supply

Provides options for gimbal battery and external V-mount/gold mount battery. Allows for continuous shooting and more productivity.

advanced ring for rs2 behind the scenes
advanced ring specs

Hardware Features

ptap + usbc

D-Tap & USB-C Port

The D-tap port’s 14.8V 3A output and USB-C port’s 1.5 3A output allow you to power such accessories as an on-board monitor, wireless video transmitter, phone, etc.

right side controls

Right Hand Controls

Gimbal joystick, M-Key, Camera Control Key (auto focus / recording / photo control), Dual-NATO connectors

left hand controls

Left Hand Controls

Menu Key for switching interface, accessing settings, gimbal control, and sleep/awake modes. Front focus wheel set up the connection to Nucleus-series lens control motors. Trigger for switching gimbal modes.

v-mount / gold mount battery options

V-Mount or Gold Mount Power Options

Reserved space for V-mount/gold mount battery plate. More power for the gimbal equals less downtime on set.

quick release for dji rs2

Get going fast with Quick Release Design

DJI RS 2 compatible quick release design. Efficient and secure.

dji rs2 accessories flat lay


  • [INCREASED STABILITY] Provides Smoother Movement and Flexibility while Operating
  • [RS2 CONTROL] Supports Full Control of the RS2 via the Remote Control Handle
  • [WIRELESS FOCUS] Control Nucleus M, Nucleus Nano, and DJI Wireless Follow Focus Motors
  • [INCREASE BATTERY LIFE] Multiple Power Options Provide Longer Battery Life to RS2 and Accessories
  • [SUPPORTS ACCESSORIES] Easily Mount and Power Monitors and More via the Power Supply Module (not included)

NOTE: Due to high demand, international shipping delays and component shortages, shipping estimates may extend further than the estimated window. 

The Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2 allows you more flexibility when powering your gimbal, mounting accessories, controlling wireless follow focus motors and operating the gimbal body.

The design of the Ring Grip allows for further stability via multiple points of contact when operating the RS 2 and the included kickstands allow you to set the gimbal down after long takes to ensure the operator does not become fatigued.

The Ring Grip allows you to turn the RS2’s Battery Handle into a Top Handle so you can quickly transition to low angle shots while providing additional power to your gimbal.

The system allows you to power the RS 2 with either a Gold Mount Battery, V-Mount Battery, or the RS 2’s Battery Handle. The Advanced Ring Grip allows you to mount the RS 2’s Battery Handle to the top of the ring which doubles as a power source and top handle.

This can be used in combination with a Gold or V-Mount Battery Plate, which gives you more flexibility for powering accessories and longer battery life on set.

The included RS 2 Remote Control Handle attaches to the right side of the Advanced Ring Grip to give you easy access to your gimbal’s settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera.

The Thumbstick allows you to control the Pan and Tilt of your gimbal for maximum precision while operating and the Focus Wheel allows you to wirelessly control either a DJI or Nucleus Series Lens Control Motor.

The included Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle attaches to the left side of the Advanced Ring Grip and allows you to control two channels of the Nucleus Series Lens Control Motors.

Easily adjust the Focus, Iris, or Zoom on your lens with the two Focus Wheels on the Handle — one on the back of the handle for your thumb to rotate and one on the front for your index finger.

Includes limited control of the RS2’s Menu Settings via the Menu Key and features a trigger for quick switching between gimbal modes.

Each handle requires a single 18650 battery to operate wirelessly.

They can be powered by the Top Handle or Battery Plate when connected to the Ring Grip.

NOTE: Please take extreme caution when mounting 18650 batteries as placing them in the wrong orientation can damage the handles. 

  1. Ring Grip Part I(TGA-ARG-UP) x 1
  2. Ring Grip Part II(TGA-ARG-DOWN) x 1
  3. Wireless Control Receiver Module for RS 2 (TGA-WCR)
  4. RS 2 Remote Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip (Without Attachment)(TGA-ARG-RCH1)x 1
  5. Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip (Without Attachment)(TGA-ARG-WCH1) x 1

Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 4 inches

Weight: 4.6 lbs

Net Weight: 2.5 lbs

Material: Carbon fiber

Color: Black

The diameter of the Basic/Advanced Ring Grip is 570mm x 510mm x 175mm.

The diameter of the Grip is 30mm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alexander Wutzke (Ludwigsburg, DE)
Advanced ring grip is just amazing

I had to wait on this for 9 month, which wasnt really nice, but tbh, the product itself is such a great piece of quality is great, works like intended, very light, zero issues.

sungwoo lee (Eunpyeong-gu, KR)
Advanced ring grip for RS 2 is the best.

It's very useful and well used.
Especially many electrical terminals are really useful.
I am very satisfied.

Ben Doyle (Sugar Land, US)
Couldn’t work without it

Just received mine last week. I do a lot of long-length gimbal shoots (hours at a time with a read rig), and have previously relied on other rings and gimbals. But now I can use my RS2, thanks to the advanced ring. And not only is the ring nice, but they’ve included all sorts of additional power points and handle controls. This will be my go-to rig for a while.

Dayne Relihan (Erie, US)
Advanced Ring

Better than advertised. It's like a smaller Ronin 2, easier on the back and arms, much lighter than I expected. Glad I bought it last year.

Scott Rolfs (Waukesha, US)
Petition to change your shipping estimate!

I'm still rating a 5 star because the hype is real, but as others have stated I'm still waiting for my order to ship from November of 2020. Please update your shipping availability on the website to better coincide with reality. Your customers will not have a skewed expectation upon ordering....

Optional Accessories

  • Gold Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

    Gold Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

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  • RS 2 Remote Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

    RS 2 Remote Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

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  • Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

    Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

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  • V-Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

    V-Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

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  • Power Supply Module for Ring Grip

    Power Supply Module for Ring Grip

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