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Advanced Ring Grip for DJI Ronin

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Product Overview

custom design for dji rs2

Custom Design for DJI Ronin

Carbon fiber multi-functional ring grip. Supports dual-handed remote control of the gimbal and the camera.

lens control with zero delay

Lens Control with Zero Delay

Left handle supports Nucleus series lens control motors. Easily control focus and zoom to get smoother images.

flexible operation

Flexible Operation

Right handle controls gimbal and mode settings, as well as the record and photo functions of the camera.

power supply handle

Constant Power Supply Equals More Productivity

A top handle bracket allows you to use the DJI RS 2 battery grip to provide power to your gimbal.

space for accessories

Reserved Space for Accessories

Reserved space for ARRI standard locating pins and cold shoes. Supports on-board monitor, microphone, and phone.

external power supply using batteries

External Power Supply

Provides options for gimbal battery and external V-mount/gold mount battery. Allows for continuous shooting and more productivity.

advanced ring for rs2 behind the scenes
Advanced Ring Grip for DJI Ronin

Hardware Features

ptap + usbc

D-Tap & USB-A Port

The D-tap port’s 14.8V 3A output and USB-A port’s 1.5 3A output allow you to power such accessories as an on-board monitor, wireless video transmitter, phone, etc.

right side controls

Right Hand Controls

Gimbal joystick, M-Key, Camera Control Key (auto focus / recording / photo control), Dual-NATO connectors

left hand controls

Left Hand Controls

Menu Key for switching interface, accessing settings, gimbal control, and sleep/awake modes. Front focus wheel set up the connection to Nucleus-series lens control motors. Trigger for switching gimbal modes.

v-mount / gold mount battery options

V-Mount or Gold Mount Power Options

Reserved space for V-mount/gold mount battery plate. More power for the gimbal equals less downtime on set.

quick release for dji rs2

Get going fast with Quick Release Design

DJI RS 2 compatible quick release design. Efficient and secure.

dji rs2 accessories flat lay


  • [INCREASED STABILITY] Provides Smoother Movement and Flexibility while Operating
  • [RS2 & RS3 PRO CONTROL] Supports Full Control of the Gimbal via the Remote Control Handle
  • [WIRELESS FOCUS] Control Nucleus M, Nucleus Nano, and DJI Wireless Follow Focus Motors
  • [INCREASE BATTERY LIFE] Multiple Power Options Provide Longer Battery Life to RS2/RS3 Pro and Accessories
  • [SUPPORTS ACCESSORIES] Easily Mount and Power Monitors and More via the Power Supply Module (not included)

WARNING: Please take extreme caution when connecting P-Tap power cables to the Power Supply Module (not included) as connecting cables backwards can damage your gimbal

The Advanced Ring Grip for RS2 and RS3 Pro allows you more flexibility when powering your gimbal, mounting accessories, controlling wireless follow focus motors and operating the gimbal body.

The design of the Ring Grip allows for further stability via multiple points of contact when operating the RS 2 and the included kickstands allow you to set the gimbal down after long takes to ensure the operator does not become fatigued.

The Ring Grip allows you to turn the RS2 or RS3 Pro’s Battery Handle into a Top Handle so you can quickly transition to low angle shots while providing additional power to your gimbal.

The system allows you to power the RS2 or RS3 Pro with either a Gold Mount Battery, V-Mount Battery, or the gimbal’s Battery Handle. The Advanced Ring Grip allows you to mount the Battery Handle to the top of the ring which doubles as a power source and top handle.

This can be used in combination with a Gold or V-Mount Battery Plate, which gives you more flexibility for powering accessories and longer battery life on set.

The included Remote Control Handle attaches to the right side of the Advanced Ring Grip to give you easy access to your gimbal’s settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera.

The Thumbstick allows you to control the Pan and Tilt of your gimbal for maximum precision while operating and the Focus Wheel allows you to wirelessly control either a DJI or Nucleus Series Lens Control Motor.

The included Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle attaches to the left side of the Advanced Ring Grip and allows you to control two channels of the Nucleus Series Lens Control Motors.

Easily adjust the Focus, Iris, or Zoom on your lens with the two Focus Wheels on the Handle — one on the back of the handle for your thumb to rotate and one on the front for your index finger.

Includes limited control of the RS2 and RS3 Pro’s Menu Settings via the Menu Key and features a trigger for quick switching between gimbal modes.

Each handle requires a single 18650 battery to operate wirelessly.

They can be powered by the Top Handle or Battery Plate when connected to the Ring Grip.

NOTE: Please take extreme caution when mounting 18650 batteries as placing them in the wrong orientation can damage the handles. 

RS3/RS3 Pro: The M Key is NOT able to mimic the function of the gimbal. The M Key on this unit can ONLY change the Mode setting.

  1. Ring Grip Part I(TGA-ARG-UP) x 1
  2. Ring Grip Part II(TGA-ARG-DOWN) x 1
  3. Wireless Control Receiver Module for RS 2 (TGA-WCR)
  4. RS 2 Remote Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip (Without Attachment)(TGA-ARG-RCH1)x 1
  5. Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip (Without Attachment)(TGA-ARG-WCH1) x 1

Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 4 inches

Weight: 4.6 lbs

Net Weight: 2.5 lbs

Material: Carbon fiber

Color: Black

The diameter of the Basic/Advanced Ring Grip is 570mm x 510mm x 175mm.

The diameter of the Grip is 30mm.

Optional Accessories

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    Soft Shell Case for Advanced Ring Grip

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    Dual Channel Wireless Lens Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

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  • -15% RS 2 Remote Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

    RS 2 Remote Control Handle for Advanced Ring Grip

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  • -15% Power Supply Module for Ring Grip

    Power Supply Module for Ring Grip

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  • -15% V-Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

    V-Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

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  • -15% Gold Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

    Gold Mount Battery Plate for Ring Grip

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09 October 2021
Martin L.


So there are a lot of positive reviews on here, and I'm here to provided a balance. This thing does a lot of what it advertises, that much is true. Did I have to wait super long to get it? Yes. I can understand why and that's okay. What's unfortunate is when I received it, assembling it was a stressful chore as the threads did not line up to the handles very well. Luckily I have a mechanical background and understood how NOT to cross thread the fittings. That being said, it took me a solid 20 minutes of trying and re-trying just to get them seated and threaded properly. I imaging someone who didn't know might have completely f**ked theirs up before even getting to try it. It was so difficult that I don't dare disassemble my unit for travel out of fear that it will get damaged on re-assembly. The advanced handles do work with the Nucleus Nano (a big selling point for me), however even when following the instructions getting them to pair and work properly was a chore and not clearly explained. The menu systems are very clunky and hard to navigate, and the quick key functions are not intuitively mapped. The shape, size and weight are all as advertised and I will admit I agree with the other reviews touting it as a better, lighter version of the ronin 2. That is the point, after all. The counter to this are the accounts of other users whose RS2s have been completely fried simply because they left a battery source (both the DJI handle and/or a v-mount) connected while the device was not in use. This can be easily avoided by disconnecting batteries, but IMO this is not the mark of a professional piece of equipment. All that said, it's more or less what could be expected. It's a pro-sumer piece of gear that leans more towards the consumer than the professional. A revised second version with some enhanced quality control would be worth a look.

17 November 2021
Steve M.
Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

Worth the wait, but it’s not perfect

So shipping states 6-8 weeks, it should say months. It took me 7 months almost to the day to get this in my hands. That being said, the gimbal, works great. It balances out the rs2 and has eliminated a wobble issue i was having while trying orbital shots. Now the not perfect stuff. When i power down the gimbal, the battery grip lights do not power down, disconnecting the battery is the only way to shut it fully off, but the battery needs to remain off the gimbal because it still drains the power from the battery over a day or two without use, that’s annoying. I was also disappointed to learn that i cannot use whichever handle for follow focusing. Depending on if I’m using the DJI motor or Tiltas wireless unit, depends on which handle i can use, this has me feeling forced to buy tiltas motor for another $150 because of handle preference. There may be a reason for that but I’m not an expert so that left me disappointed. Overall construction of the unit is fine, it was easy to build, although the threads for mounting the grips to the top and bottom handles, 3 are fine the the 4th is rough. As i said Above i am happy with the rig as it has stepped up a regular prosumer style gimbal to something that operates on a better level that just on its own. Glad i bought Before the price just to $800, at the price i paid even, anything less than perfect is unacceptable, but what am i going to do? Wait another 7 months? A note to tilta, listen to all of us, change your site information to 6-8 MONTHS. It literally is not that hard to change, your web devs can handle it. At least people who buy can than get an honest expectation for what they got.

12 January 2023
Tyler T.
I recommend this product

Advanced Ring 👍�

I was initially concerned about all the users killing their gimbals but once I got everything in front of me I became confident majority of the user issues are from user error. The + & - is clear to see and as long as you’re paying attention you should also be fine. The Advanced Ring is super light with the RS3 Pro, both units being carbon fiber is really nice. The handles are easy to install and require maybe 5 minutes of using the manual to fully understand all functionality.

  • Product Quality Needs WorkGoodExcellent
  • Price / Value ExpensiveOKGreat
  • What kind of content do you create? Wedding/Commercial
  • What Camera System do you use this with? Sony
19 June 2022
I recommend this product

Pretty good

Good tool to have in hands, I just wish that the menu structure was more advanced compare to the rs2 structure. The biggest bummer for me is the fact that we only have 3 options of speed for the wheels instead of having full control.its always too fast or too slow, but Im sure that if Tilta wants it it can be fixed very easily. Also the 2 plastic small feet feels really weak and won't seems to last long. Other than that it's a great tool, super light, easily foldable,

  • Product Quality Needs WorkGoodExcellent
  • Price / Value ExpensiveOKGreat
  • What kind of content do you create? Architectural video
  • What Camera System do you use this with? Sony
31 January 2022
Avindu J.
Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Great quality , Super Useful and faster than expected shipping

I'm still rating a 5 star because Just received mine after one month . it's much lighter than I expected. build quality is great .

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