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Advanced Power Distribution Module for RED KOMODO (Open Box)

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This Module adapts the RED Komodo’s dual Canon BP battery slots to either a Gold or V-Mount Battery Plate in one of the following configurations: Horizontal Gold Mount, Horizontal V-Mount, or Vertical V-Mount.

When using V-Mount batteries, this module will fully communicate with your camera body, allowing you to see your remaining battery life as a percentage on the RED Komodo’s user interface.

These modules will display 100% battery life for any voltage over 16V and will hit 0% at 12V which will align perfectly for most batteries.

For batteries that can go below 12V, the module will stop powering the camera while there is still some life left in the battery, however, since most don’t go much lower than 12V, the difference in duration should be negligible.

Swapping batteries earlier can also be beneficial to the overall battery health which is why many manufacturers use 12V as their cutoff.

This Module features an integrated Komodo EXT Cable that connects to the camera body to provide full communication for expanded functions like Run Stop and Timecode via additional ports.

One of these ports being a 3 Pin Fischer R/S port allows you to trigger Run Stop and power a Nucleus M with a single cable via the optional 3 Pin Fischer Run Stop Cable.

The Module features the following ports:

(1) 14.8V P-Tap Port
(2) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Port
(1) 3 Pin Fischer R/S Port
(1) Timecode Port
(1) Red CTRL Port
(1) Genlock Port
(1) 5V USB Port

NOTE: The V Mount Type I Plate will limit your access to the camera’s SDI port. We recommend using a Right Angle SDI Adapter when using this Plate