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tilta khronos ecosystem for iphone at NAB las vegas 2024

Explore Tilta’s Innovations at NAB Show Las Vegas 2024

Khronos Trade Shows

Tilta is set to impress at NAB Show Las Vegas with a showcase of cutting-edge products, including the revolutionary Khronos Ecosystem for iPhone, Tripod Cine Series, and a range of other exciting offerings. Visitors can experience these innovations firsthand at booth C4725 and also get a chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro with the Khronos Kit in the daily raffle held at 3:00 p.m. on April 14th, 15th, and 16th.


Khronos Ecosystem for iPhone 15 Pro: Redefining Smartphone Filmmaking

The Khronos iPhone 15 Ecosystem introduces a camera cage-inspired smartphone case and a series of accessories that blend functionality and elegance flawlessly. Offering enhanced protection and style, this system’s versatile mounting options, including a secure locking clamp mechanism, allow for seamless integration with a range of accessories such as Focus Side Handles, Cooling Modules, Filters, and more. This system addresses the market need for flexibility in shooting with iPhones while maintaining essential functionalities for content creators.


Unveiling the Tilta Cine Tripod Series, Mirage Pro Matte Box, and Hydra Alien Pro

Tilta is introducing a range of innovative products at NAB Las Vegas, including the Tilta Cine Tripod Series, Mirage Pro Matte Box, and Hydra Alien Pro, alongside the Khronos Ecosystem. The Cine Tripod Series, previously previewed at trade shows, will soon be available in various configurations, featuring high-quality construction using CNC and carbon fiber materials. Additionally, the Mirage Pro and Hydra Alien Pro, enhancements to existing popular products, will premiere at NAB, highlighting new features and advancements in design.


NAB Show & Raffle Details

raffle hosts

Don’t miss the chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro with the Khronos Kit at Tilta’s booth. Stop by the booth to learn how to get a raffle ticket, along with other details. The raffle will be held daily at 3:00 p.m. on April 14th, 15th, and 16th, where Xiaoding Zhao, Bill Bennett, and Matti Haapoja will select the winners and host a meet & greet session. Make sure to visit booth C4725, engage with Tilta’s latest innovations, and seize the opportunity to take home this cutting-edge device to elevate your creative pursuits.

Experience the future of filmmaking with Tilta at NAB Las Vegas and delve into a realm of innovation and endless possibilities. NAB Show Las Vegas is located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with exhibition halls open April 14th-17th. 


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