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tilta camera cage for dji action 2

First Look at the Tilta Camera Cage for DJI Action 2

DJI New Products

Hot on the heels of DJI’s powerful new action camera announcement for the DJI Action 2, we’ve been working closely with DJI to be one of the first to offer accessories for the Action 2. Taking the camera’s original design beyond its limits, we will release a camera cage, magnetic filter system, and much more.

Look for full product details, pricing, and availability at a later date. Take a first look below and let us know what you think in the comments.

tilta camera cage for dji action 2Users who are shooting extreme sports or stunts require a versatile camera system. Our newly designed cage is perfectly suited for shooting scenarios involving car shoots, FPV, pyrotechnics, and parkour.snap on locklightweight designQuickly converts between horizontal and vertical shooting modesWater-Resistant External Power InputExpandable baseplate, passes power to multiple units. Multi-functional shock absorbing cageThe Shock-absorbing technology provides stablitiy while shootingsnap on magnetic filter modules


  1. My DJI Action 2 is going to be delivered this Saturday and I need this right now! Lol. I think I’m actually more excited about this new cage and accessory system than I am about the new DJI action camera. I would also be happy to review this on my tech channel:

  2. This looks like an amazing protective and useful addition to the camera. Your stuff is always top notch, and this looks to be the same.

  3. Looks as good as the Tilta cage that I bought for the Osmo Action. I have an action 2 coming probably Monday so if any testers are needed, I would love to throw my name in the hat. Appreciate the hard work on these new products and the consideration.

  4. Great product quality I had one on my osmo action, if you can mount the module sideways and connect to the camera unit or have a external micro SD card slot on the single camera unit it will be perfect.

  5. Very keen to get this asap to review and use at an MMA event in a few weeks!!

  6. It would be super useful if the cage got a sd Card Slot as well 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  7. The cage looks amazing and even almost closes a big gap for my use case. I’m a motovlogger were the weight and size of the camera is quite important when mounting it to the helmet. The Action 2 looks so amazing when you focus on the camera itself, but the need to add either a battery- or a display extension to get a USB-C connector for loading or a microphone adapter destroy the benefits quite a lot for me. Your cage will allow me to mount the camera only to the fron of my helmet while moving the weight of a battery to the back (to balance the weight) or even somewhere in my jacket.
    Off course there is still a way to get even closer to my needs, and to the needs of quite a lot of motovloggers. If the Cage would have a built in SD-Card slot and a microphone adapter with 3,5mm input jack, it would be a dream come true to.
    I case you plan to send out test versions for video reviews, I would love to be considered to receive one.

    Cheers Ralf

    1. Yes, I need the same type of setup for use on a Kayak.
      This shows what kind of thinks could be done. I don’t need a battery at all just a USB C, sdcard and a 3.5mm and I would be recording all day on the kayak LOL

  8. Wow the USB input for the base camera is genius, could you also make one with a 3.5mm mic adapter built in?

  9. What would be really cool is a cage that also had a sdcard input, 3.5mm input and the USB C.
    I really want to be able to run the Action 2 off a USB power bank and use a external mic at the same time for all day recording on a boat or kayak.

  10. These look amazing, but I really wish I could get involved with these products at the design stage!

    Incorporating some form of lens protection system with these cages would have been awesome – the addition of the USB C port is a stroke of genius – a 3.5mm audio adapter socket would have also been amazing, along with the ability to retain the water proof ability of the device.

    Also a swivel mount which you can use on the top of a monitor with a long thin rectangular footprint to stick/attach to the top of a monitor for use as a webcam

  11. My action 2 is on its way!!! I really really need this!!!! Looks great!!

  12. Your products are interesting and, apparently, excellent in terms of materials and construction. On the other hand I rely only on the photographs I see. The doubt is about the size of the cage for the double cube. It seems a little too bulky to me, at least for use on FPV drones that I use for work. Don’t forget that DJI also produces drones, and that this cam is also designed for FPV drones, as well as vloggers and video producers. For use that goes beyond FPV, your cages are excellent.
    It would not be bad if you created an electrical connection cable between the two cubes. In this way I could position the cam forward and the cube at the rear on the FPV drones, in order to balance the weights. So yes, I would still be inclined to buy your valuable protection solutions.
    If you can send me a notice when available. I hope for an affordable cost that is not worth as much as the whole cam.

  13. Can the USB C also support a mic adapter or is just a power connection?
    If you guys could work with DJI and make a cage like that with a sdcard, usb C power and a 3.5mm mic jack it would be amazing.

  14. Looks good for the watersport. Now we can screw mount and attach a safety leash for extra peace of mind.
    I won’t trust the magnetic mount on the water.

  15. Looks really great and useful. Hope I´ll get my Camera tomororrow and of course hope that this product will drop soon…

  16. Beautiful design, I cant wait to buy one for my DJI Action 2!!! BEST CASE for any action camera ever!!!

  17. Hello. I’m located in Ottawa, Canada and am interested in purchasing this system for my DJI Action 2 camera. When will this be available for purchase and where can i purchase components from. Looks simply amazing, these must have accessories.

  18. Looks like a perfect addition to the DJI Action 2.
    We create professional studio quality video reviews – please contact us if you would like to feature on our channel (as well as the many forum sites we are regulars on too!).

  19. Can you please put a link on so we can be notified when this is ready? Unfortunately many of us will have to go ahead and buy ND filters before then too as you can’t use it professionally without them.

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