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tilta bmpcc 6k pro camera cage intro

New Tactical Camera Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro

Blackmagic Camera Cage

The first Tilta camera cage for BMPCC 4K/6K introduced advancements like the 90 degree HDMI port, SSD holder, interchangeable parts with other cameras, and much more. The next generation Tilta camera cage for the BMPCC 6K Pro aims to take that even further with numerous improvements. In this introduction, we will outline some of the key features of the new BMPCC 6K Pro product line.

Built-in ARRI compatible rosette mounts, built-in Arca Swiss quick release plate, compatibility with the Blackmagic battery expansion pack, and EVF extension cable/arm are just some of the new innovations for our camera cage designed specifically for Blackmagic Design’s latest camera body.

Look for updates and more information on the release date for this product line soon.


  1. when it will be available for purchasing?
    which accessories from 4k/6k will be acceptable to use on 6k pro cage?
    i am interested mostly can i use my top handle, T5 ssd holder on 6k pro?
    will you sell separatelly cable for t5 ssd as well?

  2. Hello Im Bryan aka Shazamm a youtuber and a videographer. I also have the pocket 6k Pro and I would love to do a series of video on your product for the 6k Pro. I was wondering if we can work on a deal were you can send me the products to review on my channel early. If I need to send them back or can buy them early, I would love to work something out. Thanks for everything and have a great day.

  3. Bonjour,
    Ou est-ce que je peux trouver les prix et disponibilité de la cage pour 6K PRO ?
    Yves Brunet

  4. Bellissimo! Gorgeous design. Very modern, cage with nato uprights, baseplate, handles … great job, congratulations! Just one question please: will the new cage be compatible with TILTA TA-BSP-15? Thanks a lot for the answer.

  5. What is the release/pre-order date for this? I have 2 x 6K Pro’s that desperately need a great cage system.

  6. I notice there are no replies to the request for the release date; however, I will be redundant and ask, “when is the release date?”

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