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The Tilta US Repair Center has launched

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We are happy to announce that the US Tilta Repair Center is finally operational!


  • Provides Local Servicing for Tilta Products
  • Machined Parts are covered by 24 month warranty from time of purchase
  • Electronic Parts are covered by 12 month warranty from time of purchase
  • Must Provide Proof of Purchase (Invoice) to Claim Warranty
  • Warranty excludes Force Majeure and Human Error
  • Service will not be provided for customers that purchase from:
    Amazon or Ebay
  • You must contact your original seller directly for assistance


Tilta will notify you within 24-48 hours regarding:

  • Warranty validation
  • Cost of parts / labor
  • Length of time
  • Tilta will notify you when the repair is ready for pick up
  • Pick Up your item when it is fixed!

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