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Red DSMC2 Advanced I/O Module


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This Advanced I/O Module for the Tilta Camera Cage for Red DSMC2 – B1 provides more power, video, and audio in and outputs for your camera. The module is only sold as a replacement piece for the Tilta Camera Cage for Red DSMC2 – B1 since it has exposed pins on top that need to be covered by the top plate that is included in the cage for it to be safe and fully operational.

  1. (1) Tilta Advanced I/O Module
    • (2) 14.8V 3-pin Fischer outputs
    • (2) 14.8V 2-pin Lemo outputs
    • (1) 14.8V P-tap power output
    • (3) HD-SDI outputs
    • (1) HDMI output
    • (1) 4+2-pin 12V-14.8V Lemo DC power input
    • (1) USB power output
    • (1) CTRL port
    • (2) 3-Pin XLR audio ports (does NOT have phantom power)
    • (1) Stereo headphone output
  2. (4) Connection screws
  3. (1) Gold Mount or V-Mount Battery Plate

Color: Black
Materials: ABS plastic, aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Power Output: P-tap, 2-pin and 3-pin ports — 3 Amps max. each, 7 Amps max. total