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Tilta Hermit POV Support System (XL) – Vmount (Open Box)

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The Hermit POV Support System is the all in one solution for achieving professional first person point of view footage.

The core of the system is our lightweight, scratch resistant, carbon fiber helmet.

The helmet supports various options for rigging cameras, external power, and other accessories such as wireless video transmitters.

The Hermit utilizes two articulating rosette based mounting arms which can support compact cameras both in front of and in back of the helmet.

Two different mounting plates and secondary rosette extender arms allow for additional points of articulation if needed to achieve more complicated camera positioning or better balancing of less common setups.

The adjustable battery plate in the back of the helmet allows you to power your camera and accessories via Gold Mount or V-Mount batteries.

The battery plate connects to a Balance Module which can be adjusted further or closer to the helmet to perfectly counter the weight of the camera when mounted in the front.

Additional counter weights are included to ensure perfect balance and comfortable operation.

Multiple Cold Shoe, 1/4 _-20 and 3/8_-16 mounting points are located on the front, top and side of the Hermit which accommodates most accessories while offering increased flexibility for weight distribution.

The included 15mm Rod Adapters and multiple length 15mm rods can be used to mount cameras to the system via rods which allows for faster transitioning for rod based camera builds.

Featuring five different mounting options for the front, back and side of the helmet, the Hermit POV Support System is one of the most advanced first person point of view shooting solutions currently available.

NOTE: we recommend using additional neck support when using heavier camera systems.

1:Rosette Side Mounting Plate for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-SMP)*1
2:Dual Rosette Mounting Plate for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-DMP) *1
3:Dual Rosette Adjustable Mounting Plate for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-AMP) *1
1:Quick Release Plate Receiver for Adjustable Mounting Plate(TA-HR-QRPR)*1
2:Quick Release Plate for Adjustable Mounting Plate(TA-HR-QRP)*1
3:Silicone Protection Pad(5.01.RHR-T01-006.00)*2 are included
4:15mm Rod Adapter for Rosette Mounting Plate(with 15*100 mm Aluminum rod) (TA-HR-RA)*1
5:250G Counterweight(TA-HR-CW-250)*2
6:500G Counterweight(TA-HR-CW-500)*2
7:1000G Counterweight(TA-HR-CW-1000)*1
8:Left Side Rosette Mounting Arm for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-LMR)*1
9:Right Side Rosette Mounting Arm for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-RMR)*1
10:Rosette Extender Arm for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-REA)*2
11:Screw Kit for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-SK)*1
12:Multi-head Screwdriver-Red(4.04.199-000000-068.00)*1
13:Aluminum Plate Label for Multi-head Screwdriver (4.01.199-000000-069.00)*1
14:Allen Key(4.04.199-000000-159.00)*1
15:Hermit POV Support System Carrying Case(TA-HR-CC)*1
16:Foam Padding for Hermit POV Support System – M (TA-HR-HFP-M)*1
17:V Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate for Hermit POV Support System *1

Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 16 inches

Weight: 36 lbs

Net Weight: 12 lbs

Materials: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon fiber, EPS foam, fabric

Color: Black

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