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Right Side Wooden Handle 2.0 with R/S Button

Sony F5/F55 Run/Stop Cable for Wooden Handle 2.0


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This R/S cable was designed for the Sony F5/F55 to allow you to record start/stop your camera. Simply connect the 7-pin end of the cable to one of the available “Tilta Right Side Wooden Handles with R/S Button” and the Hirose end of the cable to the Hirose port of the Sony F5/F55 for operation.

** Only for use with the Tilta Right Side Wooden Handles with R/S Button. It will not function on the Nucleus-M.

  1. (1) 38.1cm cable
  2. (1) 7-pin male angled connection for wooden handle
  3. (1) 4-pin Hirose connection for Sony 5/55

Weight: 0.13 lbs
Length: 38.1cm (when coiled — can be stretched out)
Color: Black
Materials: Copper, rubber, aluminum-alloy