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Seamless Focus Gear Ring

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Seamless Focus Gear Ring
new and old style

New & Improved Design

12 years experience in making lens control systems

Innovating the 2nd generation of adjustable lens gear rings. Tilta is always leading the revolution.

Seamless Focus Gear Ring



All Sizes Available

Gear ring sizes cover all lens models. Unique materials guarantee flexibility and durability. Accurate focus and no skipping. Silent action and smooth operation.

360 degree rotation

360˚ Seamless Rotation

Protects your lens. Reduces lens gear abrasion. 360 degree seamless rotation. No resistance. Smooth focusing rotation.

perfect match

Perfect Match

With metallic and plastic follow focus gears. Flexible yet rugged. Scratch resistant.


Divide One Into Two

Easy to cut design, multi-purpose, flexible application, fits different lens focus gear widths.


0.8 Mod Standard Gear

Fully closed gear ring. Evenly distributed pressure. Durable & firm attachment with no drifting. Prevents lens damage

accurate match

Accurate Match

Every focus gear ring is engraved with mod number and matching lens diameter.

tilta seamless gear rings


This seamless gear ring allows you to add a 0.8m toothed ring to photographic lenses to allow for the use of cinema follow focuses. Learn how to measure your lens to select the correct ring.

  1. (1) Seamless Focus Gear Ring

Color: Black

Materials: Rubber


If you would like to customize a focus gear ring, please provide us with the following information:

  • WHAT IS Your LENS MODEL?  For example, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM.
  • WHAT IS THE DIAMETER OF THE FOCUS RING ON YOUR LENS?  How to measure the diameter:
  1. Cover the entire focus gear with a slip of paper and pull the two ends together tightly.
  2. Mark down where the two ends meet with a pen. Make sure to mark both ends.
  3. Spread out the paper slip and measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler in millimeters and then divide that number by 3.14. That number willl be the diameter of your lens. For example, if the two marks are 255mm apart, divide 255mm by 3.14 and you will have a diameter of 81.2mm. The focus ring size for your lens would be 81-83mm.

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