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SDI to SDI cable
SDI to SDI cable
SDI to SDI cable

SDI to SDI cable


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  • [SECURE CONNECTION] of SDI Prevents Accidental Disconnection
  • [RIGHT ANGLE] Connection for Flexibility and Cleaner Builds
  • [MEDIUM LENGTH] 20 inch Size Longer Enough to Accommodate Most Builds
  • [STANDARD SDI] Connection Compatible with Any SDI Port
  • [DURABLE] Stainless Steel and Copper Construction

This 20 inch SDI to SDI cable allows you to connect a secure video signal to an external monitor or transmitter via the SDI port of your camera.

The right angle connection makes this is great choice for keeping cable management tidy and for better accommodating camera bodies where larger batteries can limit SDI access such as the RED Komodo.

(1) SDI to SDI cable

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

Net Weight: 0.079 lbs

Length: 20 inches

Materials: Stainless steel, copper

Color: Black


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