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Hydra Arm Mini

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Hydra Arm Mini

Innovative Pro Mode

Experience Professional Control Options. Simultaneously operate the Hydra Arm Mini and a gimbal. For joystick modes support multiple control configurations. Achieve masterful camera movement. Wireless Receiver Module required to use. Sold separately.

Hydra Arm Mini

Configurable Suction Cup Placement

Various installation solutions to support a wide range of car mounting configurations using small and/or large cups.

Hydra Arm Mini


The mounting brackets are made of high-strength composite carbon fiber material with optimized structural design.

Hydra Arm Mini

Modular Design

Modular design for quick packing & transportation. Supports quick assembly and efficient packing for camera cars to travel from set to set.

Hydra Arm Mini

Smaller Storage Cases

Each case can be made to meet the oversized baggage requirements for most commercial airlines.

Hydra Arm Mini
electronic pressure monitoring
Hydra Arm Mini
handles extreme temperatures
Hydra Arm Mini
Hydra Arm Mini
Hydra Arm Mini


  • [CAMERA CAR CRANE] Achieve Complex Vehicle Mounted Cinematography
  • [UNIVERSAL] Mounting Hardware Accommodates Most Vehicles
  • [COMPATIBLE] with the DJI RS2, RS3 Pro, Ronin 4D, Movi Pro, Ronin MX and More
  • [COUNTERWEIGHT-LESS] Design Requires No Additional Weights and Supports 360 Degree Rotation
  • [PORTABLE DESIGN] Makes the System Easy to Transport via an SUV or Commercial Airline

Hydra-Arm Mini is the ultimate cinema camera car crane. Complex vehicle mounted cinematography is now more within reach for filmmakers than ever before.

The system is portable, lightweight, and relatively easy to use for filming vehicles from multiple angles while in movement.

Designed specifically for the RS 3 PRO and RS 2, but compatible with a range of gimbals and camera systems such as the Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, Freefly Movi Pro.

The lightweight, counterweight-free design makes the system faster to set up and safer to operate as users will only need to focus on one end of the arm at any given time.

The Pro Kit includes suction cups, speed rail and ratchet straps allow you to mount the system easily to most vehicles that can support the 176lb weight of the arm not including a gimbal or camera.

The Basic Kit will be available in the near future without mounting hardware for users who already own 50mm Speed Rail or who are looking to build their own permanent mount.

There are optional suction cup kits for vehicles with various sized sunroofs including panoramic sunroofs and an optional Electronic Kit that allows users to monitor the suction cup pressure remotely for added safety.

The Shock Absorbing Arm helps stabilize the gimbal when operating on uneven surfaces and can be adjusted for various payloads.

The Shock Absorbing Head of the arm can be individually adjusted for both the horizontal and vertical axis.

The included Controller connects via a wired connection ensuring reliable communication to the arm.

The Controller gives the operator access to various options for the tilt and pan axis, including speed, dampening, and range of motion limitations for each axis individually.

Custom user settings allow the operator to select from a range of configurations so that they can operate in a way that is most comfortable to them.

Pro Mode is an expanded control option that allows users to control the Hydra Arm Mini and an RS2/RS3 Pro Gimbal simultaneously through the controller.

Please note this is not recommended for most shooting situations and is only advised with proper precautions.

The system can support speeds of up to 74 mph (120 km/h) in ideal conditions, but we recommend keeping speeds at or below 37 mph (60km/h) especially when using heavier cameras or lighter gimbals.

The primary factors that will impact operating speeds are camera weight, gimbal strength, and weather conditions.

Other gimbals can be used as well as long as they can be mounted via 1/4″-20 threads, powered via V-Mount batteries and stay within the 22lb weight limit.

The system includes a V-Mount Battery Plate mounted on the end of the arm which allows users to power their gimbal via the included P-Tap to 2 Pin Power Cable or with a different cable if needed.

*An optional Gold Mount Battery Plate will be available as an additional purchase in the near future.*

The arm itself does not have any power or video passthrough features meaning you will need to utilize a wireless video transmitter (not included) and power your camera via onboard batteries or the Gold/V-Mount battery plate found on the arm.

To power the system, you will need a 220V 1800wH+ power source which is NOT INCLUDED.

We recommend the EcoFlow Delta and a 110 to 220V Power Converter (3000W+) if needed. 

RETURN POLICY: This system  can be returned within 30 days, but will be subject to a 30% RESTOCKING FEE unless the system arrives defective.

Return shipping for non-defective units will not receive return labels. 


Pro Kit:

1:Pan Axis Module *1
2:50mm Speed Rail*2
3:Suction Cup Support Bracket*4
4:Monitor Support Bracket for The Front Passenger Seat*1
5:Suction Cup*2
6:Articulating Arm*2
7:Monitor Support Bracket for The Rear Passenger Seat*2
8:Tilt Axis Module*1
9:Cable Support Rod*2
10:Crane Arm Piece I*2
11:Crane Arm Piece II*1
12:Shock Absorbing Arm*1
13:Remote Control*1
14:Battery Plate for Hydra Arm Mini -V Mount*1
15:Power Supply Base Plate for DJI Ronin*1
16:220V Power Cable*1
17:Communication Cable*1
18:Support Cable*2
19:2-Pin to P-tap Power Cable*1
20:Ratchet Strap*2
21:Tool Set*1
22: Cable Support Bar*4

Arm length is 152in / 387cm, max height is 177in / 450cm

Maximum payload is 22.05lbs / 10kg (including gimbal)

Speed of high/low angle: 80° per 1.7 sec. / Speed of moving angle: 360° per 6 sec.

Net weight: 154lbs / 70kg (approximate weight, not including gimbal or camera)

Packing Dimensions: 39.37in x 19.69in x 15.75in (100cm x 50cm x 40cm | Ships in Three Packages)

Power Requirement: 220V 1800wH+

(Power Converter: 110v to 220V 3000W+)

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