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Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket


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The Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket includes a rosette mount on the left side to mount your Nucleus Nano hand unit and a NATO rail mount on the right side to mount the RS 2 Remote Control Handle. Attach your small monitor or phone to the clamp in the middle and you now have a way to monitor your shot, pull focus on your lens, and have full control over your RS 2 gimbal all in one ergonomic, compact setup.

1.Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket*1
2.G series Smartphone Adapter(GR-V01-SP)*1
3.Screw 1/4*7.8*5 (TT-A7S-015A) *2
4.Screw 1/4*14*5.5mm (HDA-T02-080) *2
5.Allen Key(199-000000-009)*1

Color: Black

Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel

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