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Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System - Hardshell Safety Case (Open Box)

Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case


Only 1 left in stock

UPC 602016519035


Safely and neatly pack away your Tiltamax Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System with this lightweight, waterproof, hard shell case. Custom foam cutouts tightly pack your gimbal and its accessories into the case for maximum protection.

  1. (1) Hard shell waterproof outer casing
  2. (1) Custom G2 foam insert

Weight: 7.99 lbs

  • Length: 43.18cm
  • Width: 39.37cm
  • Height: 16.51cm

Color: Black
Material: ABS plastic, foam

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