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Camera Cage for Sony Venice

Camera Cage for Sony Venice (Open Box)

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Arm your camera with this Tilta camera cage specifically designed for the Sony Venice. It provides a high quality aluminum, CNC-milled protective armor for your camera that has several ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points for attaching accessories.

The Tilta Battery Plate for Sony Venice (available in either gold mount or V-mount) integrates with the top plate to provide several power outputs. Two versions of the battery plate are available: one where the ports face to the side of the camera (ideal for if you own the AXS-R7 recorder and have it attached to the camera) and one where the ports are set at a 45-degree angle (ideal for if you don’t have the AXS-R7 recorder attached so that the ports don’t interfere with the ports on the back of the Venice camera). Pins on the battery plate directly communicate with the top plate when attached which transfers power output functionality to it. This allows you to power your accessories from virtually anywhere on the cage.

The top plate can be attached to the base camera but the cage also comes with an extension to the top plate if you have the AXS-R7 recorder attached. This allows the top of the cage to lay across the camera and recorder all the way to the back of the battery plate. This extension piece also provides an extra P-tap port.

The top plate features a built-in 3-pin cable that when plugged into the Venice’s top 3-pin port sends R/S functionality to all of the cage’s 3-pin R/S ports.

The Venice’s EVF can be mounted off the top plate by attaching to the 15mm LWS rods that can be inserted to the front of the top plate.

The top handle can easily slide on and off the top plate to adapt the camera for Steadicam and gimbal setups. Optional top handle extensions can be attached to provide a handle that hangs over the back of the battery plate for precise operating.

The baseplate features a built-in shoulder pad and is compatible with Tilta-standard dovetails. An optional Tilta-standard to Arri-standard baseplate can be attached to allow you to use Arri-standard dovetails. Photo may vary from actual package.

(1) Top Plate + 15mm Rod Adapter
(1) Quick Release Top Handle
(1) Recorder Module Extension Top Plate 
(1) V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate
(1) Venice Side Arm
(1) Venice Lightweight Baseplate
Sony VCT Adapter
Tilta Standard Adapter
 (1) Baseplate Extension Shoulder Pad
(1) Front Extension Top Handle
(1) Rear Extension Top Handle
(1) 19mm Multi-functional Baseplate or (1) 15mm Multi-Functional Baseplate (Optional)
(1) 12″ Arri Standard Dovetial Plate (Optional)

Color: Black

Materials: Aluminum-alloy, titanium-alloy, Black Walnut

Rod System: 15mm LWS or 19mm studio

Power/Port Breakdown:

V-Mount/Gold Mount Battery Plate (15 Amps max. throughout entire cage)

(3) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer outputs with R/S trigger (3 Amps max. each)
(1) 14.8V 2-Pin 0B Lemo output (3 Amps max.)
(1) 12-30V DC power input

Top Plate (15 Amps max. throughout entire cage)

(2) 14.8V 2-Pin 0B Lemo output (3 Amps max. each)
(2) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer outputs with R/S trigger (3 Amps max. each)
(1) Built-in 3-Pin R/S Trigger Cable (to transfer R/S trigger from camera only; doesn’t transfer power)

Recorder Module Extension Top Plate (15 Amps max. throughout entire cage)

(1) 14.8V P-tap output (3 Amps max.)

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