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Battery Plate to DJI Ronin Power Pass-through Plate Kit – Vmount (Open Box)

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This Battery Plate Power Pass-through Kit replaces the original sled of the DJI RS3 & RS3 Pro and offers expanded power options.

Once you remove the original Ronin Plate by unlocking the height adjustment lever and sliding the plate off, the Power Pass-through Plate then slides on and locks in the same fashion.

The Power Pass-through Plate features two 2 Pin Lemo and two P-Tap power output ports, making this plate the perfect solution for powering your camera or accessories like wireless follow focus motors while using your gimbal.

The 2 Pin Lemo ports can also function as a power input, allowing you to power the plate via an external source with a 2 Pin to P-Tap power cable (optional).

The Gold Mount or V-Mount Battery Plate allows you to mount batteries underneath the plate which gives you the ability to power your camera and accessories via higher capacity batteries without mounting to your camera body directly.

This makes your camera system easier to balance on the gimbal and leads to better gimbal performance overall via a more optimized center of gravity.

The ability to mount an additional battery makes this a perfect fit for the Hydra Alien when using lighter camera systems that need additional weight to get the best performance out of the shock absorbing arm.

This is also a perfect solution for adding power outputs to the Float System.

This Kit includes both the Power Pass-through Plate and a Gold or V-Mount Battery Plate with the option of swapping the battery plate for a 2 Pin to P-Tap power cable.


1:Power Pass-through Plate for DJI Ronin(TGA-PPP2)*1
2:Battery Plate for Power Pass-through Plate for DJI Ronin – V Mount(TGA-PPP2-V)*1

Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 5 inches

Weight: 0.74 lbs

Net Weight: 0.368 inches

Materials: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Color: Black

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