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Armor Man 2.0 - Vest Only

Armor Man 2.0 – Vest Only


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This Armor Man 2.0 Vest is designed for comfort, support, and flexibility. When paired with the Armor Man 2.0 Left and Right Arms, it’s designed to transfer the weight of the gimbal to the operator’s midsection, which increases operator longevity when using a gimbal. Several points of adjustment makes it a one size fits all support vest for all body shapes and sizes.

  1. (1) Armor Man 2.0 Vest
  2. (2) Armor Man 2.0 quick release attachment points for Armor Man 2.0 Left and Right Arms
  3. (1) Battery plate (available in either gold mount or V-mount)
  4. (1) 4-pin Lemo power output

Color: Black
Material: Nylon, stainless steel, ABS plastic, aluminum-alloy