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Canon 5D MK III Cage with Support Rods

The Canon 5D camera cage is great. It feels stable and built with such precision. The cage is quite versitile when supporting a matte box, follow focus, monitor, audio and external battery for a handheld configuration that is nicely balanced. Well designed and constructed. My initial concern was whether my Canon lens would match up correctly with the matte box and follow focus while mounted on the support rods. A little tight on the rods, without the extensions, but the lens matches up perfect with the matte box. I'll need the extensions for longer lenses and external battery. The product is really well thought out. Feels great working with such well crafted machinery. One less thing to worry about, which helps stimulate creativity. Looking forward to using more of your products. Thanks!

Love it so far...

Ok, just working with this rig, but love what this can do. The new mod for additional balance, is a plus. Build quality excellent!

Great Start, but Needs Work

Living this product so far, but the fact that the belt doesn’t fit anyone who isn’t super skinny is really awful and disappointing. There’s just no reason for it to be so small. I look absolutely ridiculous wearing it because it doesn’t close and I have to use a belt on it. I never thought I’d be body shamed by a piece of equipment. But Tilta made sure I felt horrible about myself!

Great product

At first I thought they may be too tight to fit despite verifying that they were the recommended sizes for my lens. It turns out they are just really tight, and I actually now really like how snug they are. And for only $2 each. Amazing.

The Tiltaing Mini Matte Box.

The Tiltaing Mini Matte Box is fantastic to use.

Superb Product

Tilta is premium quality overall. Solid, aesthetically pleasing, and quality design. Functionality of the products and how each of the components work together is seamless to some degree. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid build for their rig

This is a high quality sticker protection kit!

If carefully applied there shouldn't be problems(it is just a sticker so you have to be careful!)
The sticker has a 3D holographic quality, as in different angles you see different camouflage patterns, very neat!

I am super impressed with the quality of this protection package, it took quite a while to apply all the stickers, but I am super happy with the result!!!

Fits the C70 perfectly to the DJI RS2

Bought this for my C70 and it fits perfectly on it. Mounts and balances on the DJI RS2 perfectly as well.

Awesome for small Run & Gun camera setups!

Using this on my Sony A7RII, works fantastic. The quick rotation adjustability of the handle is absolutely PERFECT!!

leica 25mm f / 1.4

I put this ring on leica 25mm f / 1.4 lens, I am very happy with it, thanks for this product

The Advanced Side Handle esthetically is a nice compliment to the Sony A7SIII Full Cage, which is one of the reasons why I purchased it.

The PROs is that the Focus Knob works great. The rotate function allows for more quick orientation for ergonomic handheld shots based on angles. The calibration is better than the previous Follow Focus Handle because you only have to calibrate once. The one calibration calibrates the motor with the Lens and the handle with the motor.

The one and only CON is that it kind of gets in it's own way. The button to rotate the handle and the Calibrate Button seem to be placed in the way of holding the handle, because I hit them all the time inadvertently, which is really annoying. Maybe the issue is that I have big hands that makes this an inconvenience. I have to learn to hold the side handle in such a way where I don't hit the buttons inadvertently, which maybe a design flaw in my opinion.

Perfect Accessoires for the rs2

Absolute Good quality

Excellent solution and great price.

Does what you expect and is nice solution for getting a light 15mm rod setup

Good but needs some fundamental changes that are pretty obvious.

Good 1st generation system from Tilta but some key improvements would make this much better.

First, the support cushion that goes into the small of your back puts so much undo pressure into your lower spine which causes you to not be able to carry the weight for extended periods of time. They really need a shoulder harness of some sort instead to be able to take up the forward load of the system. As it stands now, all the load goes right into your lower back. I have no Idea how they couldn’t catch this when they designed the system and I caught it right on my first day using the system. Huge oversight to say the least since weight and load distribution is key for a camera carrying rig.

Second, they need to have the weight distribution of the batteries on the bottom of the post to be further away from the center of mass. Having the batteries right on the post and not further away, allows for the post to yaw left and right too easily. Just look at any good Steadicam system and you’ll understand why the weight is distributed further away from the post. Having the weight further away allows for the inertia to keep the system from unintentionally yawing.

Third, the counter weight bracket should also come standard with the kit. There is no way to dynamically balance the rig at all angles like the Arri trinity without this swinging weight to offset the balance at different angles.

Forth, I’m a tall guy but the Belt-Vest barely gets around my waist. I’m 6’4” 240 pounds. Maybe I just need to lose a bit of weight. This belt will not fit guys who are bigger with a belly.

And last but not least. Have a quick release system, and dynamic adjustments for the spring arm. Having to constantly trial and error the position of the arm to the belt is such a time killer on set. A tried and true socket block like all the other Steadicam systems the only way to go. Not sure who decided that this slow backwards method was the way forward in the year 2021.

If you guys can sort out these very fundamental details that are a necessity, you’ll have a winning system on your hands.
The quality of parts is absolutely top notch. Now let’s get the fundamentals to match so you can kill the game!

Best Purchase to Date

Love the control and quality of this product! Tilta is definitely the brand I’m sticking with for all my camera needs!

Packaging Info

Hi, can you answer, how much does it weigh?

Good performance but murderous on your back

After having used the Tilta Float system for a few days I can report that the support system is very effective in removing the bounce from camera movements that is common when utilizing a gimbal.

The practicality of using this system is however compromised due to the excessive strain that it exerts on the operator’s mid/lower back. This stress relegate the system to only occasional usefulness. I could not imagine using this system for more than 30 to 60 minutes.

In short, a great stabilizer with limited practicality.


I am very happy with this system.

Tilts Baseplate

If you own a Tilta cage for your dslr, you need this cage. Like all Tilta gear its solid construction and a must for centering a Tilta cage on rails.
With a lens support and follow focus attached, everything is right and tight.

Love absolutely everything about it. Sleek, light and all the mounting points I could ever need. I love me my SR but I'm happy I upgraded.

not bad,

I wouldn't recommend this piece. no matter how tight you make it, there's still a bit of wiggle. Also I would thought it could lock into place at certain
level adjustments no. I guess you get it close, and then move it to where you want. I won't send it back but I would like something better.

The hole is on the front beware. Stupid thing

The hole is on the wrong side ffs, wanted it on the back so i could attach a monitor mount, why would we need o add shit to the front of it. sad

Almost there!

I haven't had time to fully test my new Float system yet, but my first impression is that it is generally well made and is a great value for the money. It does have some issues though, speaking from my experience of Steadicam operating since I bought my first Steadicam 30 years ago. Users shouldn't have to self-manufacture a shim to ensure a proper fit between the post and the gimbal. I really wish that Tilta had designed a proper vest that more evenly distributes the load across hips/shoulders/back, rather than just the hips. What Tilta calls a "Tilta Float System Baby Pin Docking Adapter" should be simply called a Balancing Pin Adapter. A proper docking bracket has on one end a yoke and safety pin that will dock and secure the rig in an upright position during breaks, and a balancing pin on the other end. I haven't yet succeeded in getting a 1-2 second roll-back to neutral position (screen facing up) when post is horizontal...it's much faster. Hopefully I'll get that tweaked in time...as I said, I haven't spent much time with it yet. Wish list: rack-and-pinion gear x-y adjustments with scale markings for fine tuning balance. I am finding that it does require a little different skill-set as opposed to traditional Steadicam. All in all, I'm really excited about using this, especially hard mounting it on my modified Segway as seen here: http://www.redzephyrcam.com/Paul_Kalbach_%40_ArtichokePro_presents.html


Dos it work white the RSC2 ?

float system

i do have my first music video ever coming in next week , and been waiting for so long now , hope i got it on time :/

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