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Wiggles a lot

I really want to like this, but it - like many other handles with trigger rotators wiggle a lot at the pivot position. It always feels a little unstable which is distracting. It functions great otherwise and I like how much closer it can get to the camera body.

Full Camera Cage for Canon C70 - Black
Eugene Bennett (Denver, US)
Excellent cage and quality

Spent some deciding on which cage to go with for my c70. This cage gave me the additional options needed for easily adding pieces without being cumbersome. Ended up completing my rig with the majority being Tilta pieces.

Basic Kit for BMPCC 6K Pro
Kenneth O'Neal (Waynesboro, US)
Love the gear, disappointed in the response time

I loved the gear I got, it was well built and did exactly what I wanted it to do. The support staff in the US was nice, but delivery took FOREVER! And I kept hearing that my order was shipping out in the next couple of days only to email them weeks later to find out that they were still waiting on shipments to fulfill orders. It took months to get my stuff, but when I got it I liked what I’d ordered.

Tilta Mirage Matte Box
Jane (Shenzhen, CN)
Love it

Love it

Adjustable Arm for Mini Follow Focus
Michael Hauser (Harker Heights, US)
Simple . . . effective

Nicely made

Battery Plate for Sony FX6
Gus Fitzgerald (San Francisco, US)
Great Gold mount adapter for Sony FX6

It is well made, professional, solid construction. An excellent value. It needs to be ordered with the top plate.

Full Camera Cage for Sony a7S III
Monica Surrena (Pittsburgh, US)
Good Cage

The camera cage fits perfectly and does everything I need!

Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket for RS 2
Monica Surrena (Pittsburgh, US)
Needed Some Modification

When I received the grip, the middle connection (you have two halves that are joined) could not be tightened properly, so the grip would fall apart in my hands. The first time it happened, I almost dropped my camera on the ground. When I contacted support, I didn't receive an answer for a few days. Luckily, our shop at work has a tool repairman, and he was able to modify the faulty connection so that it was secure. I followed up with support and told them I was able to repair it. Then.. they got back to me immediately telling me they were glad it worked out. This makes me a little cautious about ordering things in the future. I believe the products are good, but the next time, I'm going to test everything as soon as I receive an item so that I can return/exchange if necessary. From my experience so far, support does not seem to be very good, so I'm guessing doing an immediate exchange is a better solution than asking for help.


It is not clear, when buying it, if it accept the 18650 flat-head batteries or the 18650 convex-head batteries, or both. otherwise it fine

Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2
Alexander Wutzke (Ludwigsburg, DE)
Advanced ring grip is just amazing

I had to wait on this for 9 month, which wasnt really nice, but tbh, the product itself is such a great piece of kit....build quality is great, works like intended, very light, zero issues.

Camera Cage for Canon R5/R6 Kit A
Daniele Ciraolo (Reggio Calabria, IT)

Hi, I'm very satisfied, the only flaw is that you can't mount the flash on the sled !! consider that the r5 is a hybrid and even if it is for video it is a great camera! You may need to be able to mount the flash without having to disassemble the cage!



Advanced Kit for BMPCC 6K Pro
Kent Loomer (Seattle, US)
Great quality

Very solid build and fits the camera great

Hydra Predator Rail Mounting Attachment
Leonardo Gonzalez (Miami, US)

Made TILTA tuff and fits and works perfect

Backing for MB-T12 Clamp-on Matte Box

Very happy with the Tilta Matte box and the backing plate. Solidly constructed.
Would get another one if I have the need.

Nucleus-M Run/Stop Cables
Alex Lubensky (Kyiv, UA)

I've bought this cable to use with my DSMC1 Red Epic MX to use in control port (The cable is RED DSMC2).

I have connected the cable to the motor, also the motor is powered via D-Tap. No matter what setting i choose in camera -the cable doesn't work.

My camera settings are:
Redlink command protocol - tried enabled and disabled

GPIO - have tried Sync Out and Record out

What am I doing wrong? AC's told me this cable is the better one to use with DSMC1 cams. Is the cable faulty? I've tried to reboot the handles etc. - nothing works

Nucleus-M Run/Stop Cables
Serge Desrosiers (Sainte-Adele, CA)

On est it’s complicated when we need to recalibrate the motors especially when the are hoot lenses, and the calibrate of the knob. It should be easier and more rapid, we do not want any directors waiting for us to figure out how to calibrate the lens, but oh sorry we did not calibrate de knob, oh sorry we’re we at the Fraser’s it closest when we calibrated..,. Anyway stuff like that should be easy

Love the ergonomics, however I wish that it came with a battery so it was functional right out of...

Feels great in the hand. Wish the item came with the batter so it could be used right out of the box.

So nice!

I bought them on Ebay and they make a great job! Great price! Thank you!

Full Camera Cage for Canon C70 - Black
Luc Alary (Winnipeg, CA)
Almost perfect

Great little cage, if you're looking for something light with minimal bulk, this is the cage. We run the camera with a handle, monitor, shotgun mount, a G4 lav and a Rode Go, and have a Manfrotto plate and a Blackrapid FR-5 connector on the underside. Only thing I wish this cage had was an option to screw it in from the side to not have that bit of flex that is still there. Its only connected on the underside, and would have appreciated a way to connect it up top through the hotshoe, or at least the side. Great cage overall!

SSD Drive Holder for T5
Marc Robichaud (Ottawa, CA)

The cable locking connection needs to able to attached on both sides of the holder, not just one. The one locking pin location doesn’t allow for multiple options when attaching to the cage. Few options as is.

Nucleus-Nano Motor Kit I
Anna MacDonald (Chelsea, GB)
High end gears a must

Motor teeth don’t engage with gear rings very well

Works As Advertised!

Just Works! Attaches perfectly to the Handheld FIZ Unit. The adapter is very secure with two mounting points. Perfect for attaching to any other Arri rosette mount. Highly recommend!

Handle side Focus

CAN i use the 12V output from the side handle to power the nucleus nano instead of using the micro usb only in 8V? Thank you

Tiltaing 15mm LWS Baseplate Type VI
Junyeong Kim (Toronto, CA)

Tiltaing 15mm LWS Baseplate Type VI

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