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First look at the new Tilta Matte Box

Matte Box New Products
First look at the new Tilta Matte Box

We’re proud to share this first look at our most innovative product to date. 
The sky’s the limit with pricing starting at $119. Coming soon in 2021, look for more info soon.

Correctly guess the functionality of this matte box for a chance to win one of the first full kits when available. Comment below to enter to be one of the first to own this exciting new matte box!

We will select one winner from our Facebook page, Instagram, Tilta Facebook Group, YouTube, and website comments section. Enter as many times as you want on each platform. One winner with the correct set of features will be picked at random from all of the different entry platforms. Giveaway open to entrants worldwide that are 18 & older. Winner will be picked and announced in September 2021.


  1. Looks like a drop/slide in system. Kind of reminds me of the system used on super telephoto lenses or for Canon’s drop in filters for the RF mount adapters. Looks like it might also support multiple filters for stacking.

  2. Do you know what kind of filters/glass will be sold with it ? I saw clear/amber anamorphic streks but I don’t know if that was just the SFX or what is expected if this matte box is used.

  3. It seems that it is not only an ultra-light matte Box. I would combine it with photo filters and classic film filters. In addition, I think the whole thing is mounted on a lens. Perfect matte Box. I’m looking forward to August.

  4. Comes with attachments to install 3D focus system.
    Or has 3D focus system on it.

  5. The use of this tilta Matte box is to run 2 filters at the same time while keeping mobility on a ronin or gimbal

  6. Hey Tilta,

    Looks good.
    My guess is to have an all in one light weight solution to Circular VNDs and your traditional slide in ND filters with capabilities to stack and use both at same time.

  7. This an amazing lightweight Matte box with an easy clamp-on to the included
    step-up matte box rings. This matte box has a modular feature which allows the user add or remove the Tilta new design circular filter trays, this feature will allow the user to also add two or more filter trays to stack filters. This brand new and innovative design, The Tilta matte box also features a easy clamp on and off sun hood.

  8. Has a Filter stacking feature to allow variable ND’s or Rota Pola stacked with other filters of your choice. The hood is attached magnetically with a safety lock.

  9. Has 2 slots for NDs.

    1 for Circular VND filters
    1 for square filters and anamorphic filters

  10. My guess is that the mattebox box allows for use of multiple screw on lens filters along with 4×4.56 filters. Correct? :0

  11. Funny I commented on this yesterday when the video 1st popped up and my comment went to moderation and was never published. Let’s try again.

    This looks like a drop in filter system similar to those used in a super telephoto lens system or like the ones used in the Canon RF adaptor . It also looks like it has multiple slots so you can stack filters.

  12. My guess is this may allow to use circular Filters from 52mm to 86mm including easy access to VND as well as multiple 4×4 Sliding filters with better carbon fiber & metal finish in beautiful look

  13. My guess is variable nd filter with stackable tray 4×5.65 filters with magnetic mount both for the french flag and the lens mount for easy installation

  14. One matte box to rule them all. Works with all tilta parts, fits any filter size and works well with drones.

  15. Will now accommodate Tilta brand drop-in circular filters. I have the first matte box and love it, can’t wait to see the new one.

  16. It comes with multiple slots for different filters, including circular polarizing that could work as a vari-ND when combining two of them.

  17. Something very akin to polar pros basecamp. Featuring a very light weight matte box system with a 2 polarizer set up to have the flexibility of Variable neutral density. Although I feel this will be a better and superior product, in both durability and lighter weight. Perhaps they are even forward thinking enough to make this VND set up geared so it can be remotely controlled by an AC. That’s the dream anyways; nice work Tilta 🤙🏼

  18. It’s a carbon fiber matte box with built in VND Rotating polarizer you can use on gimbal systems.

  19. I think it is a pairing with the company Moment where they will incorporate a Anamorphic Lens – Blue Flare filter in the matte box.

  20. Drop in and screw on filter ability. Possibly some kind of variety-ND system.

  21. Lightweight Matte box with an easy clamp-on to the included step-up matte box rings. This matte box has a modular feature which allows the user add or remove the Tilta new design circular filter trays, this feature will allow the user to also add two or more filter trays to stack filters. This brand new and innovative design, The Tilta matte box also features a easy clamp on and off sun hood.

  22. Lightweight compact design allowing a full matte box function while still being able to balance on a gimbal. Full use of circular filters and 4×4 drop in filters allowing the versatility that any user needs regardless of the situation.

  23. It blocks unwanted light from reaching the lens surface and also can filter, with filter inserts, incoming light. Nailed it.

  24. Besides it looking amazing, it serves any style of filter one might choose to use.

  25. I think it will be able to be attached to the new Sony Airpeak as well as being versatile for Mirrorless and DSLRs. I also think it will allow for a circular ND with one slot for a square filter. Being Tilta, it’s gonna be good!

  26. Looks to me that it gives the ability to drop in a number of filters to stack up a combination of effects together. This looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get hold of this to play with on my YT channel!

  27. Light weight clamp-on design, easy + fast mount for lens changes, multiple filter trays for circular and/or square filters and filter stacking…perhaps with a built-in variable ND system of some kind? (Hopes for that 👍🏼)

  28. Looks like a nice lightweight mattebox built with the idea of supporting circular filters like Rota-polarizers and Variable Neutral Density filters

  29. Probably similar functionality and weight to the basic PolarPro setup at a lower price. VND + rectangular filter, hopefully allowing for standard 4×5.65 filters rather than proprietary. One can always hope.

  30. Can take traditional 4×4 and 4×5.65 filters as well as unique drop in rotating VND and Polarizer filters from Tilta. These will be proprietary and include some form of functionality with Tilta’s wireless system.

  31. Allows you to turn screw-on circular filters into cinema style drop-in filters using special filter trays. You screw your existing circular filter into the tray and then slide it in and out of the matte box.

  32. Has the mattbox got inprovement features ie mount area for a screw on swingout bracket

  33. It can take a photo of you standing behind a RED camera for your Facebook profile picture.

  34. This light weight Mattebox features the ability to use a circular variable neutral density filter and two 4×5.65 slide-in filters that lock in place securely. It can be clamped on lenses 95mm and under using the supplied adapter rings.

  35. I’m guessing you can have a combo of nd and polarizer so you can have a circular nd system at your disposal.

  36. I guess the most innovative part about this matte box is the E-VND (electronic variable neutral density) Filter. Besides that, the multiple filter holders accept 4×4 glass filters and circular (screw-on) filters can be used via adapters, too.
    A couple of months ago, I was wondering what happened to your announced behind the lens E-VND. I think I’ve seen it in the video now…

  37. After having watched the video for the third time, and assuming that the full kit is shown in the video, I’d say that this clamp-on matte box comes with 4 adapter rings and the previously mentioned E-VND. Looks like there is enough space for another screw-on filter between the E-VND and the clamp-on ring. You guys mentioned the modularity of this system, but I’m not quite sure if it’s possible to stack more filter trays as this could cause a too big change in the light path… Anyway, it’s a nice piece of gear!

  38. Matches perfectly with lightweight camera rigs and stabilisers giving you multiple filter options.
    Must have part of your kit.

  39. TILTA! YES. This is pretty much something I have been looking for! I’m thinking – circular filters 52mm to 86mm. Optional VND / Polarizer with 4×4.5 sliding filters. Let’s GO!

  40. Light weight clamp-on matebox which allow to use circular filter with an slide-in adapter, and also 4×4 and 4×5 filters

  41. Light weight, does need rods and other stuff to connect to camera thereby decreasing weight, appears to have stackable filter ability, fits any lens(?), that’s very interesting. Looks good!

  42. Looks like it has the ability to support circular screw in VND filters with a special tray as well as square filters.

  43. looks like the matte box will have a magnetic attachment function, and include a proprietary ND functionality for Aerial, and compact cinema rig use.

  44. It comes with a built-in Variable ND Filter that you can rotate to change strength.

  45. My guess is there is a gyroscope inside the matte box to stabilize the camera.

  46. Can operate variable ND filters, changing the stops twisting a regulator screw integrated in the tray that holds the filter

  47. If this mattebox does not have user changable back plates, please make it in standard size such as 80mm, 85mm or 95mm clamp on. Those screw on adapters are stupid and not comfortable to use.

  48. Beautiful .
    – Can have or includes filter tray for screw mount VND variable sizes.
    – Has a range of filters or add ons to give anamorphic and other effects.
    – Magnetic off and on to lenses ( Once you pop , you can’t just stop, sorry that’s Pringles, but you know what I mean 🙂 )

  49. Stackable magnetic circle filters (rotatable VND CPL) and the matte box is also magnetic. I basically did this with Freewell magnetic filters and it’s a brilliant solution. The matte box is light enough to be held on with magnets.

    I don’t think that’s actually it. I think this can take 82 or 95mm circle filters in a tray instead of 4×5.65 filter trays. Fast swapping of cheaper circle filters.

  50. It has a large digital ND panel inside it allowing color shift free ND as well as stacking a circular polarizer. It’s also solar powered.

  51. The same as Arun but also motorized.
    Allow to use circular Filters from 52mm to 86mm including easy access to VND as well as multiple 4×4 Sliding filters with better carbon fiber & metal finish in beautiful look

  52. Two stage, light-weight mattebox with brass screw, filter slide-in locking design to secure either 4×4 or 4×5.65 sized filters. What looks new and sets is apart from other company’s new matte boxes is the stages have the ability to rotate to accommodate variable ND, gradient filters, and circular polarizers. Screw-in filter clamps to attach the lightweight mattebox directly to the lens without a mount but also allows for screw-in filters on the reverse/inside. Am I close?

  53. I hope it has the ability to ad on screw on filters to the front. Like to have a VND, and then use a pro mist 4×5 filter when needed.

  54. Drop in circular filter slot to allow for variable ND in addition to regular rectangular filters.

  55. Commenting again.
    It will allow to use circular VND filters, and include a swivel screw to operate those variable NDs and adjust the stops.

  56. A circular polarizer in addition with stackable filters wich enables variable nd. gear ring attached to the polarizer in order to change iris remotly with nucleus.
    Rear end of the matte box ist adjustable which makes adapter rings obsolete.

  57. Ability to use circular Variable ND filters with larger diameters, circular polarisers, ability to stack multiple rectangular filters, has rotating filter stage, accomodates filter trays, would be nice if the rotating element tray is fitted with 0.8 mod gearing to use with motors. Clamp on and rod attachment available. Does not vignette with anamorphics. potentially accomodates electronic VND filter tray.

  58. Multi-stage, ultra-lightweight, circular filter, quick clamp matte box. Circular PL tray can be rotated and/or combined with optional VND stages. The rotating of the filter tray can be combined with nucleus nano for wireless control. Filter stages accept threaded circle filters combining the light weight, cost effective benefits with the speed and ease of a tray system. Lens step up rings to standardize lens clamping to make swapping fast and easy. Optional rod rail for added stability. Removable flags. Filter options such as anamorphic flare, mist, neutral density, polarization and diopter magnification.

  59. It seems to be modular, with the option to add stages and have the option for a rotating stage for a polarizer or a variable nd filter.

  60. OK, Tilta, I bought a camera cage, a 15mm LWS base, a standard base plate, a nano, a follow focus, a matte box, a mini matte box, and gear rings. I also bought a battery base plate and an adapter. Don’t waste your time, just release the information. I don’t need a gift. I’ll buy again. I’ll make a video to promote it. Please send it to Japan as soon as possible !!!

  61. J’attends avec impatiente la sortie de cette nouvelle matte box. Il est possible de mettre un filtre VND circulaire de la marque PolarPro avec cette matte box ?

  62. I wish Tilta released the information professional people need, rather than “impress” with us with videos we make with their gear.

  63. I would say to provide users versatility by offering them the ability to use either a circular or square filter, or both.

  64. I think that this new model will be a a 2 stage filter mattebox with the ability to rotate the filters inside it and a clamp mounting option to quickly add the whole setup to different lenses.

  65. I think there are three models or iterations starting at the base model of $119 and jumping in price depending on wether you get the filter set (Schott glass?) or the full system.

    0:09 Multi Function and Modular design – Electronic ND. That way you could have two filter for FX and still control iris automatically without fumbling with filters or rotating two ND filters or twisting a Variable ND (vnd)

    0:18 Freely Switch Between Scenes – Electronic ND filters to automatically detect changes in light while filming scenes. At 0:40 the guy starts up the motorcycle and there is some lens flair, but the clip is unedited, and the camera doesn’t drastically change exposure. or compensate by changing the White Balance. The background window in that 1/2 second interval doesn’t go dark from the headlight directly pointed into the lens. No change of DOF (depth of field), WB or any indication that the camera was irised (shutting down the f-stop), manually, even if you could rack the f-stop that quickly

    0:27 Tilta in the teaser video says it’s a game changer!! Possibly Image Stabilization (is) on non- native lenses cine style to the BMPCC 4k/6K or non native lenses on any DSLR!

    0:28 Game Changer -Possibly Image Stabilization (IS) !!!!!!! Don’t think you will need a Dual 18650 Battery Pack for Nucleus Nano Motor, but you will need an extra source if you just have an OEM battery on your DSLR.

    0:38 The Best Partner in Mobile Shooting – Since the teaser shots are handheld, very stable and they have a cine lens on the BMPCC. The camera operator has a slight amount of movement on the camera, since the camera is a light setup without a full rig. The matte box is light enough to accommodate a basic rig without making the camera setup forward-leaning heavy. With image stabilization (IS) on the matte box as part of a modular system, that adapts to your needs and budget, the lens now has two extra stops of light and you can use a longer lens or heavier Cine Lens plus steadicam like shots handheld without micro-jitters.

    The key feature(s) are image stabilization (IS) and Electronic ND filters. I would be happy with one or both 😊

    0:22 you can see a red wire attached from the camera to the Matte Box, so there is electronics, USB 5.0 volts leading to the Matte Box. From the look of it there is a photoshopped red wire that leads to the Tilta Nucleus Nano Wireless Follow Focus Motor Kit, so I’m guessing that the Nucleus Nano might change to accommodate the electronics required for electronic VND and IS.

    0:42 The sky is the limit – Could the matte box have a step down ring to stick on a prime lens for drone work without requiring a lot of power just a basic USB 5.0 volt power, to make the VND filter changes on fly, literally.

  66. Looks like it may operate the same way as the Polar Pro system. The 4×5.65 and the circular filter are both polarized, and when used together they become a cinema grade VND.

  67. If we’re going “Most Innovative” route then:
    Auto Exposing VND based off of a built in light meter.

  68. Filter system matte box. 2 stage VND system. Possibly a 3 stage filter system. Circular polariser filter. Circular anamorphic strikes filters. 2 strengths of polarised square ND filters. Clap on ring adapters, thread adapters. Rail support. Sun hood. Carry case.

  69. Can you guys provide a better video in order to really see the product? This video basically shows more the talent and the shooter and the shots that show the product are too dark and don’t really show it very well. Thanks

  70. Compact, light weight, magnetically stackable filters. Maybe it’ll come in tactical grey? 🙏🏻

  71. Looks like it has a build in Variable ND Filter/Polarizer. That gold knob is how you adjust it. In addition, you can stack your traditional 4×6 filters in a slot in front of the VND.

  72. Build in VND and polarizer, also they’ll offer a bundle pack with some cool filters I guess (as polar pro does with basecamp…)

  73. Drop in, multi stage, with some kind of ND integration. Sweet! Can’t wait!!!!!

  74. Hello Tilta,

    I think this is a lightweight clamp on matte box whith multi stage for VND/PL/Anamorphic look !

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