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Tilta Arm Quick Start Guide Last modified 07/16/18

The Tilta Arm - Quick Start Guide

The Tilta Shock Absorbing Arm provides the ultimate experience in vehicular stabilization. Learn how to assemble it in our quick start video guide.

Transcribed Instructions

This is the Quick Start Guide to the Tilta Arm vehicle mounted shock absorbing arm. When you’re mounting the vehicle control arm onto a speed rail setup, you want to keep in your mind that your mounting point is going to be a vertical two-inch outside diameter speed rail.

First section. Mount it. You’re going to open up this fastener’s.
Next section, You’re going to get the section here with the two dampeners and the cradle. Just mount here to the mounting section and you’re going to screw this fastener on the inside.

Tighten everything up just to make sure nothing is loose. Next, I want to mount my gimbal. First thing you want to calibrate is this section of the arm here, which is adjusted by this big knob. You’re going to loosen or tighten the tension until the arm is parallel with the floor. Just make sure everything is nice and parallel. You have an equal amount of distance from your lowest point to your highest point right here. We have two end point dampeners, which you can tighten and loosen to make your end points either hard or soft.

The next thing you want to do is adjust the dampeners here. An easy way to do this is to grab your cradle, move it off to one side, and release it. Right now it’s a little loose because it swings back and forth. What you want to do is tighten it up, and make sure that when you release it, it lands in a nice neutral position. You’re going to do the same thing with this section. Here, that’s a little too loose there we go. So now, they have those three adjustments done. That should be everything and you’re good to go.

There are other things you want to keep in mind. The vehicle control arm max payload is 55 pounds. You’re mounting to a two-inch outside diameter speed rail. The kit comes with three different mounting options: the Tilta Gravity mount; the Freefly Movi Pro mount; and the DJI Ronin 2 mount for the Tilta Arm. The control arm comes with three hydraulic stabilizers as well as a stabilizing cradle, which makes it well suited for any kind of high-speed vehicle setup.

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