Nucleus-Z: Zoom Control System


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Model No. LC-T01

For use on a tripod to control the zoom ring on a large Cine lens with precision, speed, and accuracy.


Introducing the Nucleus Z. This Zoom Control System comes with a high torque motor with low noise. Its perfect for operators in need of slow or fast zooms. The handle unit can control calibration, speed, motor torque, and Run/Stop through a various set of connection cables providing both power and communication. The Zoom Control Handle is also compatible with HEDEN and PRESTON motors. Additionally, it is mountable to other fluid-head operating handles such as the O’CONNER head via the 22/18mm cradle head adapter.

(1) Zoom Control Handle
(1) 22/18mm Cradle Head Handle Adapter
(1) Nucleus II Follow Focus Motor
(1) Nucleus II Follow Focus Motor Cable
(1) All-in-One Communication and Power Cable
(1) Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case
Gunmetal Grey

Stainless Steel
Brazilian Rosewood
ABS Plastic

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