Nucleus III Wireless Lens Control System WLC-T02


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WLC-T02’s unique modular design gives users the ability to personalize their wireless lens control system. The controller, receiver and motors can be reconfigured in a variety of ways to fit different shooting situations.



1. Compatible with PRESTON and HEDEN M26VE motors. It can control broadcast ENG lenses.
2. 2.4G/wifi transmission
3. 3.7” High resolution touch screen
4. Swiss-made motors – high performance, low noise
5. High-quality CNC-milled aluminum and handmade jacaranda wooden parts
6. Quick-release chip design for easier maintenance
7. Manually type in lens data into the hand unit or let it automatically receive the lens data for you at the push of a button
8. A wide range of lens data can be stored into the hand unit
9. Multiple hard and soft stops can be set through use of the touch screen; can also set a distance range that the hand unit can go between (e.g. – make the entire range of motion of the hand unit go between 10ft.-20ft.)
10. Can wirelessly control ARRI, RED and SONY cameras
11. Wired module available for support with 3D rigs
12. Allows for auto focus and can receive data transmission from distance detectors



1. Controller:

(1) Main body (WLC-T02C)

(1) Follow focus knob (WLC-T02D)

(1) Zoom control handle (WLC-T02K)

2. Motors:
(3) WLC-T02M motors
(3) 0.8 gears
15mm/19mm rod adapter
3. Motor cables:
(3) T1B-7 80cm cables
4. Power cable:
(1) TB-02- TP B-type power cable
5. Hard shell case:
(1) CS-T06 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof case
6. Receiver:
(1) Main receiver (WLC-T02A)
(2) Receiver blocks (WLC-T02A02)
(1) 15mm/19mm rod adapter (WLC-T02A03)


Weight: 4.2 lbs
Color: gunmetal-grey
Material: Brazilian rosewood, aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Rail System: 15mm/19mm




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