Wireless HD Video Transmission Suite Pro Receiver




This HD wireless video transmission suite allows for a clean wirelessly-transmitted image of up to a 1500 foot range. It features a 5GHz ISM frequency band with a maximum of 10 frequency channels that can be selected with the user knob so that you can avoid connection interference with other wireless systems. Simply rotate the channel dial on the transmitter and receiver so that they match in order to wirelessly transmit the video signal. By attaching the omnidirectional antennas to the top of the transmitter and receiver, you can get the most out of the unit’s range.

The receiver outputs 1080p resolution at 60Hz through both HDMI and 3G SDI connections with no delay or compression. It also supports multiple audio formats including Dolby True HD and DTS-master. The receiver can be powered through either AC power or with a camera battery (gold mount or V-mount versions are available).

The transmitter also supports both HDMI and SDI connections and can be powered either through the camera’s power output ports or with a Sony F970 battery attached to the back.

  1. (1) Wireless receiver
  2. (5) Antennas
  3. (1) PTAP to 4PIN


  • 1.69 lbs (receiver)

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy

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