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Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C
Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C
Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C
Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C
Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C

Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C


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Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit A


Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C

Compact & Lightweight

Compact and lightweight design. Flexible setups.

Mounting Points

Various Mounting Options

Cold Shoe Mount For mounting top handle, microphone, SSD, etc. 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 Mounting Points. ARRI Standard Mounting Points.

Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit A

Flexible Setups

Multiple 1/4”-20 screw holes for compact setup. The full camera cage is compatible with the Tilta standard plate, Manfrotto, and Arca quick release plates.

z cam kit b

Cold Shoe Mount

Cold shoe mount with locating points. Unique cold shoe with threaded mount. Quick assembly and sturdy setup.

Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit A


Compatible with a wide range of SSD drive holders. Supports drives such as T5, Wise, etc. Provides longer recording time and more storage options.

z cam kit c

Mounting Points

(NEW) NATO rail for mounting side handle & top handle, 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points

z cam kit c

ARRI Standard Rosette

ARRI standard rosette for mounting the side handle, 15mm single rod holder for mounting 15mm rod and optional accessories like a follow focus motor

Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit C

Compact & Lightweight

New tactical compact and lightweight camera cage

Tiltaing Z CAM E2-S6/F6 Kit A

Longer Operating Time

The adapter battery plate powers external accessories and provides longer operating time



This camera cage provides complete protective armor for the Z CAM E2-S6 and E2-F6 camera bodies. It provides several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points as well as two Arri rosette mounting points and one cold shoe mounting point. The base of the cage also provides several mounting holes when attaching your camera to gimbals to more easily fine tune the balance of your setup.

A variety of different baseplates can be attached to the bottom of the cage, allowing for various rod mounting and optional power supply configurations.

The quick release top handle and various optional side handles can be attached to the cage to provide for different ways to comfortably operate your camera setup.

This kit of the Z CAM cage will help to fully build out your setup. It includes: the base Z CAM cage, quick release top handle, Arca and Manfrotto quick release baseplates, SSD Drive Holder for T5, a 90 degree USB-C cable for your SSD drive that comfortably conforms to the cage, a 15mm LWS baseplate for mounting accessories (as well as 15mm rods for the plate), a 15mm single rod mount that attaches directly to the cage, and finally the Tiltaing Side Focus Handle Type II (F570 Battery) along with the compatible Z CAM R/S cable for the Nucleus Nano.


** Compatible with Tilta Type II Side Handles

  1. (1) Full Camera Cage for Z CAM E2-S6/F6
  2. (1) Tiltaing Quick Release Top Handle
  3. (1) Tiltaing SSD Drive Holder for T5
  4. (1) Tiltaing ARCA Quick Release Plate
  5. (1) Tiltaing Manfrotto Quick Release Plate
  6. (1) Tiltaing Side Focus Handle Type II (F570 Battery)
  7. (1) Nucleus Nano Run/Stop Cable for Z CAM
  8. (1) 12V Micro DC Male to Z CAM Power Cable
  9. (1) 90 Degree USB-C Cable for Z CAM (20cm)
  10. (1) Tiltaing 15mm Side Single Rod Holder
  11. (1) Tiltaing 15mm LWS Baseplate Type I
  12. (2) 15 x 200mm Aluminum Black rod

Color: Tilta Gray / Black

Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel

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