TILTA for Panasonic GH Series Kit A


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Model No. ES-T37-A

Tilta Rig for GH Series Cameras.


Arm your camera with this camera cage specifically designed for the Panasonic GH Series Cameras: GH4 and GH5. This cage has been redesigned to fit PL mounts and Metabones Adapters – allowing for limitless lens choices. Furthermore, the “A” Kit comes with the GH5 Run/Stop handle for immediate recording from the grip without having to fuss with the camera’s on board recording buttons.

(1) Quick Release Top Handle
(1) 15mm Top Handle Rod Adapter
(1) Panasonic GH5/GH4 Series Cage + Lens converter ring support
(1) 15mm Rod Adaptor for Cage
(1) HDMI Plug Protector
(1) Panasonic GH5/GH4 Series quick release baseplate
(1) Wooden Handle with Run/Stop
(1) GH5 Run/Stop Cable


Rail System:

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