Sony A6 Series Tilta Rig ES-T27-A


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Model No. ES-T27-A

Tilta Rig designed for use with the Sony A6 series cameras with wooden handle and R/S cable.


Rig designed for use with the Sony A6000, A6300, and A6500 cameras. This package includes an ergonomic Brazilian Rosewood handle with a button that gives you the ability to R/S your camera.

(1) A6 Cage Armor
(1) Quick Release Top Handle
(1) Quick Release Base Plate and Lens Converter Ring Support
(1) 1/4"-20 Support Screw for Metabones EF adapter
(1) 15mm Rod Adapter
(1) HDMI port protector
(1) Micro HDMI port protector
(3) Allen wrenches
(1) Mini HDMI to HDMI cable
(2) 15 x 300mm Rods
(1) Wooden handle with R/S Button


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