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Screw Kit for Red Komodo
Screw Kit for Red Komodo

Screw Kit for Red Komodo


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UPC 616985402793


This kit provides you with replacements for all of the compatible screws with the Tiltaing camera cage for Red Komodo.

1.Socket Head Cap Screw(132-953109-01180)*1
2.Socket Head Cap Screw(132-635123-02090)*1
3.Screw Sticker for the Camera Bottom(T-0TAT08-9333)*1
4.Resealable Bag(T-000000-8908 )*1
5.Socket Head Cap Screw(132-040083-02090)*4
6.Hex Key(199-000000-031)*1
7.Screw Sticker for Arca Plate(T-0TAT08-9334)*1
8.Resealable Bag(T-000000-8908)*1
9.Torx Cap Head Screw(132-030103-31090)*4
10.Hex Key(WLC-T04-M4)*1
11.Screw Sticker for the Camera Cage(T-0TAT08-9335)*1
12.Resealable Bag(T-000000-8908 )*1
13.1/4 Inch Hex Key(199-000000-009)*1″”

Color: Black, Stainless steel

Materials: Stainless steel

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