TILTA for RED DSMC2 Camera Rig A1


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Model No. ESR-T01-A1

Arm your camera with this TILTA RED DSMC2 Cage with TITLA Basic I/O Module and expand your camera's capabilities.


This camera rig is specifically designed for the DSMC2 line of RED cameras (Weapon, Scarlet-W, and Raven). It is made from a lightweight and durable high-impact aluminum 7075 alloy. It has a hard-anodized surface design and titanium screws. The cage is internally lined with circuitry, providing power to allow the user to use as many external accessories as they wish.

The ESR-T01-A1 package uses the Basic TILTA I/O Module.

*Each 2-pin and 3-pin port has a maximum output of 2 AMPS; meanwhile the entire top handle/plate module distributes a maximum of 6 AMPS

**Only battery voltage provided


1. Top handle + 15mm top rod adapter + EVF holder
(With power pass through and REC button)
2. Top power module
3. Top plate*
(2) 14.8V 3-pin FISCHER output with the Run/Stop trigger
(2) 14.8V 2-pin LEMO output
(1) 16-Pin LEMO output for DSMC LCD/EVF
4. Switchable DSMC2 LCD bracket
5. Pogo extension cable (60cm) - REL-02
6. Side arm
7. Basic TILTA I/O module**
(Available in V-mount or Gold mount)
(2) HD-SDI output
(1) DC power input
(1) USB power output
(1) HDMI output
(1) CTRL port
(1) SNYC port
(1) Stereo Headphone output
(1) Stereo microphone input
8. 15mm lightweight baseplate
9. Support Rails
(2) 15mm x 80mm rods


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