Gravity Mimic Wireless Remote Operating System



Remotely operate your Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal with ease using the Gravity Mimic Wireless Remote Control System. Attach the Mimic transmitter to the top bar of the Gravity Mimic Handlebars and power it with a battery mounted to the rear battery plate. By moving the handlebars with the transmitter attached and synced up to the receiver on the gimbal, you can make the Gravity “mimic” your movement in all three axes (pan, tilt, and roll).

  1. (1) Gravity Mimic Transmitter
    • (1) DC power input
    • (1) Micro USB input
    • (1) On/off switch
    • (1) Soft antenna
    • (1) Rear NATO mounting rail
  2. (1) Gravity Mimic Receiver
    • (1) Soft antenna
    • (2) Philipps mounting screws

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy

Optional Accessories

  • Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal System

    Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal System

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  • Gravity Mimic Handlebar

    Gravity Mimic Handlebar

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  • Gravity Mimic Transmitter Quick Release Mount

    Gravity Mimic Transmitter Quick Release Mount

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