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Gravity G Series Dual Pistol Grip Battery Handles (Open Box)

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When configured with the Gravity G Series Dual Pistol Grip Battery Handles, an operator can extend the G1/G2/G2X gimbal body’s operating life with eight fully charged 18650 batteries (4 in each handle). This will give up to 20 hours of power to your gimbal. If used in conjunction with the G1/G2/G2X Battery Pistol Grip Handle, up to 30 hours of runtime can be achieved.

  1. (1) Rosette-mounted left battery handle
  2. (1) Rosette-mounted right battery handle
  3. (1) Gravity G Series Male to Dual Female DC Power Splitter
  4. (1) Gravity G Series Gimbal body bottom protection plate

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy