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Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Balancing Stand


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Balance your camera on a table top using this custom Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Balancing Stand. Simply rest the Gravity’s top bar on the cradling hooks on either side of the top arms to allow the gimbal to freely hang so that you can mount and balance your setup. The stand is collapsible for easy travel and the top arms can be removed to fit on a standard ⅝” baby pin.

  1. (1) Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Balancing Stand
  2. (1) Detachable top bar

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy

Optional Accessories

  • Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal System

    Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal System

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  • Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Body - Only

    Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Body – Only

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  • Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Handlebar

    Gravity 3-Axis Gimbal Handlebar

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