Canon C300 MKII Tilta Rig


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Model No. ES-T16

Rig designed for use with the Canon C300 MK II


This camera rig is specifically designed for the Canon C300 MKII Cameras. It is made from a lightweight and durable high-impact aluminum 7075 alloy. It has a hard-anodized surface design and titanium screws. The cage is internally lined with circuitry, providing power to allow the user to use as many external accessories as they wish.

(1) Top Handle + Canon C300 MKII Camera Armor
(1) Top 15mm Rod Adapter (L/R)
(1) Canon C300 MKII Armor
(1) 15mm Lightweight Baseplate
(2) 15 x 200mm Rods + (2) 15 x 300mm Rods
(1) Canon C300 MKII Battery Plate (CNT-01)


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