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Camera Cage for RED DSMC2 – C1 (2019)


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Arm your camera with this newly designed Tilta camera cage specifically for the DSMC2 line of Red cameras. It provides a high quality aluminum, CNC-milled protective armor for your camera that has several ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points for attaching accessories.

The battery plate on the back of the cage integrates with the RED V-Lock I/O Expander to provide several power, video, and audio in and outputs. The battery plate comes in either V-mount or gold mount based on your preference. Pins on top of the plate directly communicate with the top plate and top handle when attached which transfers the in/out functionality to them. This allows you to power your accessories from virtually anywhere on the cage.

The top plate has a 2-pin and a 3-pin power output as well as a 7-pin port on the front of the plate to allow you to power the Tilta Nulceus-M’s wireless lens control motors. There’s also a Pogo connection so that you can attach your DSMC2 monitor. The included Pogo-to-Pogo Extension Cable allows you to attach your monitor away from the top of the camera body. If you have a Lemo-based DSMC1 monitor, there’s also a Lemo port on the front of the top plate so that you can use a Lemo-to-Lemo cable to power the monitor.

The top handle features a record start/stop button and the included Top Handle Power Connection Module can be attached to either the front or back of the handle to provide even more 2-pin and 3-pin power outputs.

On the bottom of the cage is a small 15mm LWS baseplate that allows you to attach various accessories via 15mm rods. The plate can mount to a Tilta Standard Lightweight Dovetail Plate to allow you to easily slide on and off of an operating setup.


** RED V-Lock I/O Expander required for use

  1. (1) Top handle with power pass through and REC button
  2. (4) 15mm top rod adapters
  3. (1) 15mm LWS to 19mm rod adapter for LCD bracket
  4. (1) Switchable DSMC2 LCD bracket
  5. (1) Pogo to Pogo Extension Cable
  6. (1) Top handle power connection module
    • (2) 14.8V 3-pin Fischer outputs
    • (1) 14.8V 2-pin Lemo output
  7. (1) Top plate
    • (1) 14.8V 2-Pin Lemo output
    • (1) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer output with R/S trigger
    • (1) 7-pin Lemo Nucleus-M motor power output
    • (1) 7-pin Lemo DSMC1 monitor connection port
    • (1) HD-SDI input
    • (2) HD-SDI outputs
  8. (1) Side mounting arm
  9. (1) RED DSMC2 lightweight baseplate
  10. (1) V-mount or Gold mount battery plate
    • (1) 14.8V 2-Pin Lemo output
    • (2) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer outputs with R/S trigger
    • (1) 4-pin Lemo CTRL port
    • (1) 4-pin Lemo CTRL cable
    • (1) 4+2 pin Lemo 12-24V DC input
  11. (2) 15 x 100mm rods
  12. (2) 15 x 200mm rods
  13. (2) 15 x 300mm rods
  14. (1) 20.32cm SDI cable
  15. Top handle extension (Optional)
  16. 15mm or 19mm Multifunctional Baseplate + 12” Dovetail Plate (Optional)

Color: Black

Materials: Aluminium-alloy, stainless steel, titanium

Power Output:  Top plate/top handle 2-pin and 3-pin ports — 3 Amps max. each, 8 Amps max. total
Battery plate 2-pin and 3-pin ports — 3 Amps max. each, 8 Amps max. total

Rod System: 15mm LWS

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