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Eccellente design and material

great product, but no communication with the Komodo

like this product, but that no battery info is killing me. fix this Tilta.

Mostly worth the wait

Build quality is good. The only potential issue I see is that the threads in the top handle are roughly cut and dont quite tighten all the way so there is a tiny bit of play/flex ion this top part. Will have to see how it holds up over time but I'm expecting this to come loose.

Also found the written instructions that come with it are bad, view the videos online instead. One thing I didnt understand before purchase is that the right handle controls the gimbal PTF and DJI focus motor. The left control handle is only for TIlta Neucleus. Connecting the left control handle to my Nucleus-M system worked well so can run and control two motors from it, or use the right handle to control the DJI focus motor.

I also bought the v-lock plate and battery plate (5V usb and d-tap out), which are definietly needed accessories.

This plate is awesome !!!

In less than one minute, your RS2 become a 14,8 supply for all your accessories and you have the power to get a totally independent head of your RS2
there is also an extra cable Dtap to lemo 2 pins
Congrats and thank you so much Tilta for this power plate pass through !
Let's go shooting now

Came with a broken foot.

They say they will send a new one so we will see. Having ordered almost 6 months ago the QC is disappointing. Hopefully they solve it.

Its good.

Makes shooting in sunlight good. Super light weight and easy to attach and detach. Attaching the velcro is a little weird if u dont get it right the first time. Smart design putting that finger slit in the bottom so you can still access the touch screen.

Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel

Ich benötigte den Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Attachment Plate an einem DJI Ronin-SC und an einer Steuereinheit über größere Entfernung und wollte die Halterung nicht ständig umbauen. Der Shipping-Preis war mit $ 35.00 ganz schön heftig. Die Halterung kostete $ 15,00 .

Freundlicher Gruß, Maximilian Dorsch

I am very satisfied with this product. Good price. It works wery good. I recomended TILTA for all.

This could have been a 5 starts rate.

The problem with this plate is that it did not came with the adapted reducers to 1/4 20 and 3/8 16. It has the original threads and the screws will always set loose in there. And then problems arrive, because neither you can mount a cage on it or place it on any other plate till you get those reducers. And one more thing, hope that soon enough people can buy the arca plate that should come with it.

Best light V Mount plate I know.

When combined with this light 15 mm rods it becomes something everybody looking for some weight lost on its rig should have.

Great job Tilta, with this one; you should star thinking on something in between flexible to change the angle. 👍🏼

The handle for a different perspective

It really helps if you want and need to film from ground level. You have all the operations like on the main unit. I really like it.

Works perfectly

Perfect baseplate for cameras with non DSLR bodies. Gives excellent support for the RED Komodo on the RS2.



Dual grip only one grip is safe

Love the concept unfortunately the right side isn't so safe and secure wish they would improve or revise the clamp connection as it comes loose and you can drop the camera.

HDMI and Run Stop Cable Clamp Attachment for Panasonic GH Series

Needs modification to work with Red Komodo

I saw the small warning that the handle only works backwards on Komodo, but I mistook what Tilta thinks is backwards. Take a dremel tool to the edge of the cold shoe mount and it will be able to slide forward that extra 1/4" needed to screw the handle in.
It's pretty disappointing to buy something that immediately needs modified in order to work, but it works now.

Nucleus-M Handle Grip (Right)
cristobal landaeta
Something Wrong with it

very strange thing but the 18650 batteries that work with the handle will not fit. the back doo will not close so it will not close the circuit and it will not work. =( dont really know why..

open box purchase

it was in perfect condition. like new.

My Handles doesn't work with 18650 battery without Advanced Ring Grip

Everything works together with Advanced Ring, but when I try to use Handle alone it works very bad or doesn't work at all


Bought this and found it very useful. But im not quite sure how we're supposed to attach the rod holder for the RS2 focus motor. There's no way to mount it. The stock baseplate has mounting points for it.


Amazing product, just a little disappointed that it didn’t come with rechargeable batteries yet it comes with a charger.

Not what you think

In order to make this Pendulum work it needs to have much heavier weights and they need to go around the body not inside.

Rear Operating Control Handle for RS 2

Perfect for my setup

Very good product, perfect for my Setup, nothing to say bravo Tilta.

Tiltaing Sony FX3 Basic Kit
Kristian Kachikis


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