Wood Handle TT-0509-R


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This Brazilian rosewood handle has an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. It also includes a built-in chip control device to allow the operator to Run/Stop the camera from the handle. We will customize the cable included with this product so that the Run/Stop function will work with your camera of choice.



TT-0509-R (With Run/Stop button)
1. Brazilian rosewood handle
2. Ergonomic design for more comfortable grip
3. Built-in chip communicates with multiple cameras
4. Various types of signal cables are available so that you can control the Run/Stop on various cameras
5. Standard rosette can be used on extension arm, baseplate or shoulder mount system
6. Lightweight model without extension arm allows for a greater range of customizable options when designing your handheld rig
7. 7-pin Lemo input for Run/Stop function on base of handle


Weight: 0.55 lbs
Color: gunmetal-grey
Material: Brazilian rosewood, aluminum-alloy, stainless steel


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