Wireless HD Video Transmission Suite WVT-01



Product Description


1. HDMI 1.3 spec supports
2. HDMI and 3G SDI inputs and outputs
3. Receiver outputs 1080p resolution at 60Hz; no delay and no compression
4. Supports multiple audio formats including Dolby True HD and DTS-master
5. AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream
6. Supports point-to- point and point-to- multiple-point network topology
7. Each RX is paired to the unique TX in factory
8. Has a 5GHz ISM frequency band with a maximum of 10 frequency channels selected by the user knob
9. Maximum transmission distance is 492 ft
10. Signal indicators for DC power status, video status and receiver RSSI
11. Can handle a wide range of power voltage input, allowing it to be powered by most kinds of camera batteries
12. Optional Sony F970 battery buckle, which provides convenient field battery install and replacement
13. Supports any input and output ports with ±8kV ESD protection level (HBM, contact charge)
14. Sturdy and reliable industrial metal case included



1. (1) Wireless receiver
2. (1) Wireless transmitter
3. (7) Transmission antenna
4. (2) 4-pin to P-tap power supply cables


Weight: 1.67 lbs (receiver) + 0.67 lbs (transmitter)
Color: black
Material: aluminum-alloy



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