Right Side Wooden Handle for Shoulder Mount System (with R/S button)


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Model No. TT-0510-R

Hand-carved ergonomic Brazilian Rosewood right handle grip with a Run/Stop button and Arri Standard Male Rosette.


This handle is hand-carved from Brazilian Rosewood. It has an ergonomic design for the right hand to provide maximum comfort while operating the camera in a shoulder mounted position or on the Tiltamax Gravity G1. The right handle also has a Run/Stop button for you to control the camera’s recording features from the palm of your hand.

(1) Male Rosette for connection with shoulder mount or other Arri Standard Rosette Female
(1) Hand-carved Ergonomic Grip from Brazilian Rosewood
(1) Run/Stop Button for controlling the camera
(1) Included Run/Stop Cable (Please specify in your order which camera you have)
Gunmetal Grey

Brazilian Rosewood

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