Dual-sided Cine Follow Focus FF-T04


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This dual-sided follow focus has a 1:1 hand wheel-to-gear ratio for extremely accurate focus pulls. It attaches to both 15mm and 19mm rod supports by snapping onto the rods. This allows you to adjust, mount and remove it without the need to remove other accessories that are also mounted onto the rods (such as matte boxes and lens supports).




1. 1:1 Gear ratio

2. 15mm Rod adapter

3. 19mm Rod adapter

4. Extension for focus knob

5. 300mm Focus whip

6. Speed crank

7. 0.8/64T – 0.8/38T – 0.8/43T – 0.6/64T – 0.5/78T Gears

8. (4) Marking discs

9. Hard shell case


Weight: 3 lbs
Color: black
Material: aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Rail System: 15mm/19mm